Telephone No Sample Clauses

Telephone No. ( ) - Fax No.: ( ) - E-mail Address: IN WITNESS WHEREOF, two (2) identical counterparts of this instrument, each of which shall for all purposes be deemed an original thereof, have been duly executed by the Principal and Surety above named, on the day of , 20 . Principal (Name of Principal) (Signature of Person with Authority) (Print Name) Surety (Name of Surety) (Signature of Person with Authority) (Print Name) (Name of California Agent of Surety) (Address of California Agent of Surety) (Telephone Number of California Agent of Surety) Contractor must attach a Notarial Acknowledgment for all Surety's signatures and a Power of Attorney and Certificate of Authority for Surety. The California Department of Insurance must authorize the Surety to be an admitted surety insurer. PAYMENT BOND PAYMENT BOND -- Contractor's Labor & Material Bond (100% of Contract Price) (Note: Contractors must use this form, NOT a surety company form.) KNOW ALL PERSONS BY THESE PRESENTS:
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Telephone No e) Current Company’s registered address; and
Telephone No. Name (Including Area Code) ---- ---------------------
Telephone No. 8. Fax No.:
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Telephone No. 4.6.3 If to SECI, all notices or communications must be delivered personally or by registered post or facsimile or any other mode duly acknowledged to the address below: Name: Designation: Address: Solar Energy Corporation of India Limited, 0xx Xxxxx, X-Xxxx, X-0, Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx, Xxx Xxxxx-000000 Email: Fax. No: Telephone No
Telephone No. Fax: ...............................................................................
Telephone No. Name (Including Area Code) Department ---- --------------------- ---------- ________________ _______________ _________________ ________________ _______________ _________________ ________________ _______________ _________________ SCHEDULE A Securities: Principal amounts or Numbers to be Purchased: Purchase Price: Delivery Dates:
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