Telephone Sample Clauses

Telephone for urgent or complex questions, users receive toll-free, unlimited telephone software support. Support Resources A number of additional resources are available to provide a comprehensive and complete support experience:
Telephone. The Company must ensure that adequate telephone services are connected, in accordance with approved proposals.
Telephone. Employee representatives may use University telephones for the purpose of conducting union business which is specifically authorized by Article 10 - Grievance Procedure. Employees are responsible for paying any costs associated with such telephone usage in accordance with the departmental procedures in effect at the time. The frequency and duration of permitted phone calls shall not be such as to interfere with or disrupt the employee's completion of work assignments, nor impair the efficiency of University operations. The University may audit employee representatives’ use of the telephone system to the same extent as it may audit other employees’ use of such equipment.
Telephone. You must call an Ebury Representative and specify your Order, together with such other information as we may reasonably request.
Telephone. (a) Charges for telephone calls necessary for business purposes may only be claimed when they are supported by a listing of the person telephoned and the city or town involved;
Telephone telegraph and remote transmission lines;
Telephone.  e-mail address The Consultant's designated representatives are: Name Consultant firm name Principal in Charge Address Name City, State zip code Project Manager
Telephone. CMRL may give permission for installation of cables for telephone/ tele- communication equipment subject to technical feasibility. The instrument, cables and connection shall be obtained by the Licensee from the telephone company at his own cost. CMRL reserves the right not to give such permission.
Telephone. Telephone(s) shall be made available to all employees at all times for incoming or outgoing emergency purposes, and incoming messages shall be relayed immediately. No employee shall be permitted to use a cell phone or smart phone for personal purposes during working hours, excluding rest and meal breaks, except in case of an emergency. Repeated violations of the foregoing shall constitute just cause for discipline, up to and including termination. Job Stewards shall be allowed to use a personal cell phone during working hours in a safe manner for work-related matters without discrimination.