Definition of Telephone Support

Telephone Support means telephone or email technical support assistance provided by TransactTools to the Technical Support Contact during Regular Hours concerning the installation and use of the then-current release of a TransactTools Testing Services and the previous sequential release.

Examples of Telephone Support in a sentence

Telephone Support is also available 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week for in-production customers who need to resolve critical production problems outside of standard support hours.
Microdyne's Telephone Support Center: Microdyne will open a telephone support center in the general vicinity of Epson's headquarters in Torrance, California and provide qualified personnel to respond to customer calls, primarily regarding ink jet printers, The parties anticipate a ramp-up period with increasing support capabilities over the first two (2) months of this Amendment.
ATP shall build a customized call tracking application for the purposes of performing the Telephone Support Services ATP will invoice RELIANT for the actual hours dedicated building such application Should application modifications be required, ATP will attain written approval from RELIANT prior to making such modifications.
If applicable, RELIANT is responsible for maintaining the call forwarding capabilities of the toll-free number(s) and shall bear all expenses incurred for such capabilities and for the RELIANT toll- free number(s) telephone charges used in connection with the Telephone Support Service.
PERFORMANCE METRICS: The Contract includes a Service Level Agreement identifying metrics for the application management and software maintenance, including 24/7 Telephone Support: * Contractor must return the call within one hour.