Telephone definition

Telephone means a device which is used to transmit and receive voice frequency signals.
Telephone means any technology for transmitting live electronic voice communication.
Telephone means any type of telephone, including but not limited to a corded, uncorded, cellular, or satellite telephone.

Examples of Telephone in a sentence

Marlin Fitzwater, “Statement by Press Secretary Fitzwater on President Bush’s Telephone Con- versation with President-Elect Alfredo Cristiani of El Salvador,” March 22, 1989, Public Papers, George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, College Station, Texas, wars should end in negotiation rather than military victory.

Telephone smoking cessation quitline use among pregnant and non-pregnant women.

Telephone interviewing as a qualitative methodology for researching cyberinfrastructure and virtual organizations.

Check the View and modify contact information box and click Next.2. On the Service Information dialog, enter the following information about MyCompany and click Next:• Company – MyCompany• Contact name – Tom Smith• Telephone number – 515–870–9990• Help desk or pager number— 515–870–9999• Fax number — 515–870–5586• Alternate fax number — 515–870–9942If this information exists on your system, the company service information already appears in the fields.

Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission Telephone : 08 9420 4444Toll Free: : 1800 624 263Facsimile : 9420 4500Email : : A.

More Definitions of Telephone

Telephone means an item of telecommunication apparatus capable when connected to the Applicable System, of transmitting and receiving uninterrupted simultaneous two way speech conveyed, or to be conveyed, as the case may be, by means of that System.
Telephone means any device that a person uses for voice
Telephone means any type of telephone, including but not limited to a corded, uncorded, cellular,
Telephone. ’ means any technology for transmitting live electronic voice communica- tion.
Telephone means a microprocessor-based non-cellular telephone through which a user may initiate a call payable only by coins or by credit card, collect or third number billing procedures and which has been installed for operation.
Telephone. , means construction, engineering, financial,
Telephone means a voice activated telephone call made to an Operator for the purpose of placing a Bet, and includes Call Me function where a request is made by the Client via the Betting Platform to have a NEDS representative call the Client for the purpose of processing a Bet.