Telecommunication Sample Clauses

Telecommunication. No telecommunication lines are provided by the Licensor unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Licensor. The Licensee shall apply for activation of phone line(s).
Telecommunication. The authorities named in Article 3, Para.1 of this Agreement will take all necessary measures for the establishment of a reliable connection between the authorities and the intervention teams at the place of action.
Telecommunication. 1. The Agency may install and use some telecommunication systems for its own. This should include the necessary means to ensure the protection and confidentiality of personal data mentioned in Article 18 of the Regulation.
Telecommunication. The Parties shall work together in the installation planning and coordination with the appropriate telecommunication service provider for all necessary telecommunication systems and facilities to provide telecommunication service to the Property with sufficient capacity to provide telecommunications for customary uses permitted under the current Property zoning classification. The Parties shall work together with the telecommunication utility service provider in the planning and coordination of the installation of such utility service infrastructure, including, without limitation, determining appropriate location(s) on the Property that future users may tap into said telecommunication lines. Installation of the telecommunication infrastructure shall be done by the appropriate telecommunication utility service provider. The Parties agree that neither City nor Developer can cause the appropriate telecommunication utility service provider to install or provide said utility services. The Parties agree that telecommunication services may not be completed on or before the expiration of the Construction Period, and the same shall not be a default by the City under this Agreement.
Telecommunication. 1. Subject to further arrangements with the appropriate Portuguese authorities regarding locations and technical details of equipment, an Allied Headquarters may import, establish, access, operate and maintain, on either a temporary or non-temporary basis, inside or outside the premises occupied by it, such telecommunications facilities and military radio stations as may be required for its operational functions, military training and exercises, emergencies or for morale and welfare purposes.
Telecommunication. All towns and most of the villages in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia are connected to the national and international communication network but the percentage of subscribers in Polog Region is much lower than the national average24. The situation is less favourable in Kosovo where only 28.7% of the population has access to the public telephone network25.
Telecommunication. Tenant shall have the right to contract with its telecommunications provider and the Landlord shall not unreasonably restrict Tenant’s selection of the provider or charge Tenant any additional fee for access to the building’s telecommunications infrastructure. Telecommunications providers at Brickstone Square can offer the following: Verizon (can provide T-l’s, T-3’s, true redundancy, OC3C connection, Sonet Ring, ISDN, voice, data.
Telecommunication. The use of a two way interactive electronic networking system may be utilized as an alternative instructional delivery system subject to the following conditions: