ARTICLE 3 Sample Clauses

ARTICLE 3. Representations and Warranties of BLACKCRAFT Except as set forth on the Disclosure Schedule delivered by BLACKCRAFT to MRCD (the “BLACKCRAFT Disclosure Schedule”), BLACKCRAFT hereby represents and warrants to MRCD as follows:
ARTICLE 3. Section 3.1 of the Agreement (Compensation) is hereby deleted in its entirety and replaced with the following new Article 3, Section 3.1:
ARTICLE 3. COMPENSATION OF THE ADVISER. For the services to be rendered and the facilities provided, the Fund shall pay to the Adviser an investment advisory fee computed and paid annually at a rate equal to 0.75% on the first $1 billion of the Fund's average daily net assets and 0.65% on assets in excess of $1 billion of the Fund's average daily net assets. If the Adviser shall serve for less than the whole of any period specified in this Article 3, the compensation to the Adviser will be prorated.
ARTICLE 3. General Definitions Définitions générales