Article 3 Sample Clauses

Article 3. 9.1 is deleted and replaced with the following: The Contractor shall employ as superintendent and project manager the persons identified in the Contractor’s bid. The superintendent shall be in attendance at the Project site during performance of the work. The superintendent and project manager shall represent the Contractor, and communications given to the superintendent and/or project manager shall be as binding as if given to the Contractor. Important communications shall be confirmed in writing. Other communications shall be similarly confirmed on written request in each case.
Article 3. Duration The duration of the Company shall be unlimited. Durée La durée de la Société est illimitée.Section 2 Share Capital, Shares, Restrictions of Transferability
Article 3. Following their acquisition or provision as collateral, the valuation of properties is re-examined under the risk measurement system applicable to sociétés de crédit foncier and sociétés de financement de l’habitat under regulation No. 97- 02: a) For residential properties, said examination is carried out each year based on a statistical method;
Article 3. The Commission may re- voke this exemption if actual construc- tion of any proposed generating facili- ties has not begun within two years or has not been completed within four years from the effective date of this ex- emption. If an exemption is revoked under this article, the Commission will not accept from the prior exemption holder a subsequent application for ex- emption from licensing or a notice of exemption from licensing for the same project within two years of the revoca- tion.
Article 3. The freedom of audio-visual expression presupposes the strict observance of the Constitution and does not allow the detriment of other persons' honor, dignity, private life and right to have their own views.