Financing Documents Sample Clauses

Financing Documents. As of the Closing Date, Project Lender and the applicable City Bodies shall have approved the form and substance of the Multi-Party Agreement, the Project Loan Documents, and any additional documents relating to the Project Loan. On the Closing Date, the Project Loan shall be closed and, in connection therewith, the Multi-Party Agreement, the Project Loan Documents, and any additional documents relating thereto shall be fully executed by all parties thereto.
Financing Documents. The CAC Credit Facility Documents, the Xxxxx Fargo Warehouse Documents, the Fifth Third Warehouse Documents, the Flagstar Warehouse Documents, the BMO Warehouse Documents, the Credit Suisse Warehouse Documents, the 2018-1 Securitization Documents, the 2017-3 Securitization Documents, the 2017-2 Securitization Documents, the 2017-1 Securitization Documents, the 2016-3 Securitization Documents, the 2016-2 Securitization Documents, the 2016-1 Securitization Documents, the 2015-2 Securitization Documents and the 2015-1 Securitization Documents.
Financing Documents. The CAC Credit Facility Documents, the Xxxxx Fargo Warehouse Securitization Documents, the Fifth Third Securitization Documents, the BMO Warehouse Securitization Documents, the 2013-1 Securitization Documents, the 2012-2 Securitization Documents, the 2012-1 Securitization Documents, the 2011-1 Securitization Documents and the 2010-1 Securitization Documents.
Financing Documents. Any Material Provision of any of the Financing Documents after delivery thereof shall for any reason, except to the extent permitted by the terms thereof, cease to be in full force and effect and valid, binding and enforceable (except as enforceability may be limited as stated in Section 4.3) in accordance with its terms, or the Company or any of its Subsidiaries shall so state in writing. As used in this Section 7.11, "MATERIAL PROVISION" shall mean (a) with respect to this Agreement, the Notes, or any Guaranty Agreement, any material term, covenant, or agreement set forth therein, and (b) with respect to any other Financing Document, any provision if the validity and enforceability thereof is necessary for such Financing Document to accomplish its stated, or clearly intended, purpose or otherwise necessary in order for any Lender to enforce any material right or remedy under any Financing Document; or
Financing Documents. The Borrower hereby agrees that any holder of a participation in, and any assignee or transferee of, all or any portion of any amount owed by the Borrower under the Financing Documents (i) shall be entitled to the benefits of the provisions of this Agreement as the Lender hereunder and (ii) may exercise any and all rights of the banker's lien, set-off or counterclaim with respect to any and all amounts owed by the Borrower to such assignee, transferee or holder as fully as if such assignee, transferee or holder had made the Loan in the amount of the obligation in which it holds a participation or which is assigned or transferred to it.
Financing Documents. Administrative Agent shall have received true, correct and complete copies of the following documents, each of which shall have been duly authorized, executed and delivered by the parties thereto:
Financing Documents. The Loan and Security Agreement, dated as of January 29, 2021, among Funding 2021-1, CAC, Fifth Third Bank, National Association, and Systems & Services Technologies, Inc., as the backup servicer, and the documents related thereto, as amended from time to time.
Financing Documents. The parties hereto acknowledge and agree that Holding will have sole discretion with respect to the negotiation of definitive debt financing documents with CSFB (or any other lending person) and any supporting lenders based upon the Debt Financing Documents.
Financing Documents. The Securities Intermediary shall not be deemed to have any knowledge (imputed or otherwise) of: (a) any of the terms or conditions of any security agreement or any document referred to therein or relating to any financing arrangement between the Customer and the Secured Party, or any breach thereof, or (b) any occurrence or existence of a default. The Securities Intermediary has no obligation to inform any person of such breach or to take any action in connection with any of the foregoing, except such actions regarding the Account or the financial assets credited thereto as are specified in this Agreement. The Securities Intermediary is not responsible for the enforceability or validity of the Security Interests in the Account and the financial assets credited thereto.
Financing Documents. All of the Financing Documents required by the Administrative Agent whether at the Credit Facility Closing or any subsequent Facility Closing shall be executed, delivered and, if deemed necessary by the Administrative Agent, recorded, all at the sole expense of the Borrowers.