Order Number Sample Clauses

Order Number. Call to Receive an Order Number. An Authorized Person for the Authorized Participant will call the telephone representative at the number listed on the Fund’s order form (“Order Form”) not later than the cut-off time for placing Orders with the Fund as set forth in the Order Form (the “Order Cut-Off Time”) to receive an Order Number. Non-standard Orders generally must be arranged with the Trust in advance of Order placement. The Order Form (as may be revised from time to time) is incorporated into and made a part of this Agreement. Upon verifying the authenticity of the caller (as determined by the use of the appropriate PIN) and the terms of the Order, the telephone representative will issue a unique Order Number. All Orders with respect to the purchase or redemption of Creation Units are required to be in writing and accompanied by the designated Order Number. Incoming telephone calls are queued and will be handled in the sequence received. Calls placed before the Order Cut-Off Time will be processed even if the call is taken after this cut-off time. ACCORDINGLY, DO NOT HANG UP AND REDIAL. INCOMING CALLS THAT ARE ATTEMPTED LATER THAN THE ORDER CUT-OFF TIME WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. NOTE THAT THE TELEPHONE CALL IN WHICH THE ORDER NUMBER IS ISSUED INITIATES THE ORDER PROCESS BUT DOES NOT ALONE CONSTITUTE THE ORDER. AN ORDER IS ONLY COMPLETED AND PROCESSED UPON RECEIPT OF WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS VIA THE ORDER FORM CONTAINING THE DESIGNATED ORDER NUMBER, AUTHORIZED INDIVIDUALS’ SIGNATURES AND TRANSMITTED BY FACSIMILE.
Order Number. The order number assigned by the Ordering Activity.
Order Number. Select appropriate order number.
Order Number. I hereby acknowledge and agree to pay all charges, as above, and authorize work to begin.
Order Number. Seller must show purchase order number on all invoices, shipping papers, correspondence and containers.
Order Number the reference number to be applied to an Order by the Supplier in accordance with clause 3.2.
Order Number. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION The following information shall be deemed Confidential Information for the purposes of this Call-off Contract: The following information shall be deemed Commercially Sensitive for the purposes of this Call-off Contract: [GN: Include details of any Commercially Sensitive Information identified by the Contractor and the duration it should be confidential for. This will assist the Participating Authority in respect of compliance with the FOIA] SERVICE REVIEW AND MEETINGS [GN: In the event that the Participating Authority has a reasonable requirement for formal contract review directly with the Contractor, then such requirements should be set out here, including expectations as to any review meetings which may be called for.] Contract Data Part 1Data provided by the Employer Statements given in all contracts 1 General The conditions of contract are the core clauses and the clauses for main Options A, dispute resolution Option W2 and xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx X0, X0, X00, X(XX)0, X(XX)0 and Z, and where set out in the Order Form, X4 or X13, of the NEC3 Professional Service Contract April 2013. The Employer is: Name:   Address:   The Adjudicator is the person nominated by: RICS Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) The Mediator is to be appointed by: The Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) The services are:   The scope is:   The language of this contract is: English The law of the contract is: The law of England and Wales, subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales. The period for reply is:   The period for retention is: Twelve (12) years following Completion or earlier termination The Adjudicator nominating body is: RICS Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) The tribunal is: Litigation The following matters will be included in the Risk Register:  
Order Number. Order Number Specify the order number to search.
Order Number. [Search by Order Number] Select this button to search the sales information based on the order number specified in (5) and show the search result in the Sales Report field.
Order Number. The order number specified on the Purchase Order should be indicated on all correspondence and documents, including delivery or shipping documents from you, accompanying the provision of the Deliverable.