Cost Sample Clauses

Cost. The term "Cost" shall mean, with respect to Units, the cash or fair market value of property per unit contributed by the Executive (as proportionately adjusted for all subsequent distributions of units and other recapitalizations).
Cost. The Proposer shall bear any and all costs related to the preparation and/or submission of the Proposal, regardless of whether its Proposal was selected or not. UNDP shall in no case be responsible or liable for those costs, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the procurement process.
Cost. Cost of Services shall be charged each month at a fixed amount of £8,856. Term: Until the date that is eighteen (18) months after the Separation Date, with Recipient to have the right to extend the term with three (3) months’ prior written notice, up to a maximum of an additional twelve (12) months.
Cost. (d) The Units Buyer may pay the purchase price for such Units (i) by delivery of funds deposited into an account designated by the Management Member, a bank cashier's check, a certified check or a company check of the Units Buyer for the purchase price; (ii) if the Units Buyer is the Company and is prohibited from paying cash by financing or liquidity constraints and is unable to pay the purchase price as provided in clause (iii), by delaying the exercise of the purchase right described under Section 2.02(a) until the earlier of (x) when the financing restrictions lapse and (y) when the Company is able to pay the purchase price as provided in clause (iii); or (iii) if the Units Buyer is the Company and has the right to purchase such Units during the period following a Qualified IPO (including in respect of a purchase that was delayed pursuant to clause (ii)), by delivery of a number of shares of Issuer Common Stock determined by dividing (A) the aggregate purchase price of the Units being sold by such Management Member by (B) the Public Share FMV as of the close of trading on the trading day immediately prior to the delivery thereof to the Management Member. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, the Units Buyer may deduct and withhold from the amounts otherwise payable pursuant to this Agreement such amounts as necessary to comply with the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the "Code"), or any other provision of applicable law, with respect to the making of such payment.
Cost. All costs for the services of the arbitrator or services ordered by the arbitrator, including but not limited to per diem expense, his/her travel and subsistence expenses and the cost of any hearing room will be borne equally by the District and the Association. All other costs shall be borne by the part responsible for them, except that the District will pay the costs of a substitute(s) and the costs of up to four (4) substitutes for Association witnesses or representatives.