Goods and/or Services definition

Goods and/or Services means all of the Goods (if any) and all of the Services (if any) specified in the Contract Specifics.
Goods and/or Services means those goods and/or services set out in this Proposal sought to be procured by the Township of Huron-Kinloss as a result of this Request for
Goods and/or Services means any such goods services and related works, as are to be provided by the Contractor (or by the Contractor’s sub-contractor) under the Contract as specified in the Contract Document Schedule.

Examples of Goods and/or Services in a sentence

  • Seller may not assign this Agreement or use subcontractors to provide the Goods and/or Services without City’s prior written consent.

  • Seller shall assure that the Goods and/or Services purchased hereunder are covered by all available and applicable manufacturers’ warranties for such Goods and/or Services.

  • Seller understands and acknowledges that its signature on this Agreement constitutes an irrevocable offer to provide the Goods and/or Services.

  • The parties agree that Seller’s books, records, documents, accounting procedures, practices, price lists or any other items related to the Goods and/or Services provided hereunder are subject to inspection, examination, and copying by City or its designees.

  • City shall notify Seller if any of the Goods and/or Services fails to meet the warranties set forth above, and Seller shall promptly correct, repair or replace such Goods and/or Services at Seller’s sole expense.

More Definitions of Goods and/or Services

Goods and/or Services means any goods, services and other items to be provided by the Supplier as detailed in the ‘PO’.
Goods and/or Services means the goods and/or services including works described in the Purchase Order and ‘Goods’ or ‘Services’ shall be construed accordingly.
Goods and/or Services means supplies, services, materials and equipment of every kind required to be used to carry out the operations of a service area.
Goods and/or Services means any goods and/or services competitive with those supplied by the Company or any Group Company at any time during the Protected Period and in relation to which you were materially involved or concerned or for which you were responsible during that period.
Goods and/or Services means those goods and/or services sold at retail by VS through its Sales Channels to the general public and are intended for individual, personal, family or household use.
Goods and/or Services means the products and services, including financial products and services, sold by or through Company Channels, including delivery services, shipping and handling, and work or labor to be performed for the benefit of Company Guests through the Company Channels.
Goods and/or Services means all goods and ser- vices, including professional services.