Simplicity Sample Clauses

Simplicity. Very simple and straightforward to implement. Determining which property goes to which spouse is merely an exercise of examining title.
Simplicity. We computed two values to represent the simplicity of the photo’s content. The first one is computed by building the Region of Interest (ROI) map based on saliency and then summing the sizes of all the not overlapping bounding boxes identified in the map. The second value, based on the idea that simplicity is the ”attention distraction of the objects from the background” [Luo and Tang, 2008], has been calculated by (i) separating subject and background regions and (ii) using the color distribution of the background to evaluate simplicity.
Simplicity. Member States will endeavour to ensure the simplification of Customs procedures and requirements within ASEAN;
Simplicity. The commission believes that the arrearage guide- lines should be fairly simple to understand and apply, and accordingly continues to base the arrearage payment on a percentage of the current support order.
Simplicity. A good business letter should be simple and easy. The writer of a business letter should use simple language in drafting a letter so that the reader can easily understand the meaning and significance of the letter.
Simplicity. As IFRS 4 does not provide any application guidance on how to measure insurance contracts, insurers are not bound to a specific set of measurement requirements which could, in some instances, be overly complex and difficult to implement.Weaknesses of IFRS 4
Simplicity. It is very simple to understand and implement.