Left Blank Sample Clauses

Left Blank. 4.23 Employees who do not complete their round trip assignments (except for personal or disciplinary reasons) and are returned to their home terminal ahead of time will be compensated for actual time worked, their guarantee will be protected.
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Left Blank. 9.06 A standby day is a day for which work was scheduled but not performed at the direction of the customer. The employee shall be paid five (5) hours' pay at the applicable rate for a standby day or demobilized or re-assigned at the discretion of the employer; provided that where an employee is required to remain at the work site and that requirement is approved in writing by the customer, the day shall be a regular work day and not a standby day even though no work is performed. An employee shall not be entitled to payment under both Article 9.06 and Article XI.
Left Blank. 9.11 At no time will an employee be required to use his own money to provide his own room and board when working away from his normal place of residence on the direction of the Employer.
Left Blank. 9.11 At no time will an employee be required to use his own money to provide his own room and board when working away from his normal place of residence on the direction of his Employer. ARTICLE X - CLASSIFICATIONS, WAGES & PREMIUMS WAGES
Left Blank. 27.3.3 The Concessionaire shall not revise, display or collect any amounts in excess of the rates of Adda Fee payable under the Concession Agreement. In the event any excess amounts are collected by or on behalf of the Concessionaire, it shall, upon receiving a notice to this effect from the Concessioning Authority, refund such excess amounts to the Concessioning Authority or the concerned Department as directed by the Concessioning Authority.
Left Blank. A.1.5 All Encumbrances by or in favour of the Company have been created in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation.
Left Blank. A.6.3 The company is not owed any individual sum of money other than in the ordinary course of business.
Left Blank. 9. The Bank undertakes not to revoke this Guarantee during its currency, except with the previous express consent of the Concessioning Authority in writing, and declares and warrants that it has the power to issue this Guarantee and the undersigned has full powers to do so on behalf of the Bank.
Left Blank. 3.8 Executive shall be granted stock options for 500,000 shares of the common stock of the Company (the "Options") pursuant to an option agreement (the "Option Agreement") divided into four tranches 25% vesting per quarter commencing on the date of this Agreement. The Option Agreement will have customary provisions relating to adjustments for stock splits and similar events. The exercise price of the Options will be $0.25 per share for all 500,000 shares. In addition, the Options: (1) 200,000 additional options to be granted upon the achievement of the Company of $9,500,000 million in revenue and $50,000 EBITDA for the calendar year 2002. Any expenses effect surrounding the performance based options will also be factored out in arriving at the EBITDA. The options as granted shall provide for an "early exercise" right (i.e., the right of Executive to exercise options prior to their vesting date and to receive restricted stock subject to the same vesting requirements as the options exercised). In addition, the options as granted shall permit Executive (or, where applicable, his personal representative) up to eighteen (18) months following termination of employment for any reason to exercise any options which were vested at the time of such termination (including options vesting as the result of such termination, where applicable). In the event such a loan is not prohibited by the terms of any indebtedness or capital lease to which the Company is a party, upon request from Executive, the Company shall lend Executive such amount as may be necessary for him to exercise any options granted to him, such loan to be a full recourse loan and to bear interest at the minimum rate required in order to avoid imputation of income to Executive under applicable federal tax law.
Left Blank. 14.6. The Contractor shall keep DCC and each member of its Group indemnified in full against all costs, expenses, damages and losses (whether direct or indirect), including any interest, fines, legal and other professional fees and expenses awarded against or incurred or paid by DCC and/or any member of its Group company as a result of or in connection with any claim brought against DCC, any member of it Group company for actual or alleged infringement of a third party's IPR arising out of, or in connection with, the receipt, use or onward supply of the Services by DCC and its licensees and sub- licensees.