Electronic File Sample Clauses

Electronic File. Transfer - a system or process which utilizes an electronic format and protocol to send/receive data files.
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Electronic File. The Electronic File made available by the Seller was complete and accurate as of its date and includes a description of the same Contracts that are described in the List of Contracts.
Electronic File. Key Personnel
Electronic File. In addition, Blood Centers will establish an electronic file packing list similar to the Exhibit D (shipped 5-50-2003.csv) within 6 days after contract signature QUALITY CONTROL BY CUSTOMER: Units are removed and rejected if: - They cannot be identified or have improper documentation. - They have no date or incorrect date. - They are pink or red colored or exhibit signs of hemolysis or signs of excessive lipemia (based on visual test). - The unit does not appear in the bleeding list (surplus bag/container). - They are under filled (<100ml). - There is Lookback information on a particular unit. - The unit is positive for a viral marker/NAT test. - The label content of the unit is not correspondent to the data reported on the shipping list. - Anti-D Reclassification plasma. If significant in quantity, these rejected units will be deducted from future invoices of the supplier. ANNEX 1 TO EXHIBIT B SHIPMENT COVER SHEET AND LETTER OF TESTING CERTIFICATION FOR RECOVERED PLASMA FROZEN (FROZEN WITHIN 24HOURS) SHIPPED AT -20 degrees OR COLDER.
Electronic File. The Company shall furnish to the Initial Owner all available computer or like records in the Company’s possession reflecting the status of payments, balances and other pertinent information with respect to the Mortgage Loans as of the related Servicing Transfer Date (including, without limitation, (i) master file, (ii) payee file, which includes comprehensive tax and insurance information identifying payee, payee address, next payment due date, next amount payable, trial balance report, payoff report, collections report, and policy number/parcel number, (iii) Mortgage Loan master file, (iv) Mortgage Loan history, (v) all HMDA data required by the Agencies, (vi) escrow file, and (vii) all available information regarding Senior Mortgage Loans). Such records shall include Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access data files reflecting all computer files maintained on the Mortgage Loans and shall include hard copy trial balance reports as specifically requested by the Initial Owner;
Electronic File. 4 Section 2.10 EPM..................................................................4 Section 2.11 EPM Practice Statement...............................................4 Section 2.12
Electronic File. Computer-generated textual and/or graphical communication or document capable of being transmitted electronically.
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Related to Electronic File

  • Electronic Records You acknowledge and agree that we may in our discretion store all records electronically; and that we will not retain and have no obligation to retain any original documents for any period of time. This applies to all documentation including but not limited to checks, transaction records, notes, mortgages, deeds of trust and other loan and/or security documentation. We will routinely destroy all original documentation. We may store records electronically via imaging, scanning, filming or other technology used in the financial services industry for the storage of documentation via internal processes or third-party processors that we approve for these services. You agree that such storage shall be secure, and further agree that such records shall for all purposes be recognized and admissible in evidence or otherwise to prove the agreements, rights and obligations of the parties pursuant to any such records.

  • Electronic Format If requested by the Purchaser, the Servicer shall supply any and all information regarding the Mortgage Loans and the REO Properties, including all reports required to be delivered pursuant to Section 5.03, Section 6.02 and this Section 8.01, to the Purchaser in electronic format reasonably acceptable to Purchaser, unless otherwise limited by the servicing system utilized by the Servicer.

  • Electronic Documents We may make periodic statements, disclosures, notices, and other documents available to you electronically, and, subject to any delivery and receipt verification procedures required by law, you agree to receive such documents electronically and to check the statements for accuracy. If you believe any such statement contains incorrect information, you must follow the procedures set forth in the Related Agreement(s).

  • Database File The Servicer will provide the Successor Servicer with a magnetic tape (in a format reasonably acceptable to the Indenture Trustee and the Servicer) containing the database file for each Contract (i) as of the Initial Cutoff Date, (ii) the Subsequent Cutoff Date, (iii) thereafter, as of the last day of the preceding Due Period on each Determination Date prior to a Service Transfer and (iv) on and as of the Business Day before the actual commencement of servicing functions by the Successor Servicer following the occurrence of a Service Transfer.

  • Electronic Execution; Electronic Records; Counterparts This Agreement, any Loan Document and any other Communication, including Communications required to be in writing, may be in the form of an Electronic Record and may be executed using Electronic Signatures. Each of the Borrowers and each of the Administrative Agent and each Credit Party agrees that any Electronic Signature on or associated with any Communication shall be valid and binding on such Person to the same extent as a manual, original signature, and that any Communication entered into by Electronic Signature, will constitute the legal, valid and binding obligation of such Person enforceable against such Person in accordance with the terms thereof to the same extent as if a manually executed original signature was delivered. Any Communication may be executed in as many counterparts as necessary or convenient, including both paper and electronic counterparts, but all such counterparts are one and the same Communication. For the avoidance of doubt, the authorization under this paragraph may include, without limitation, use or acceptance of a manually signed paper Communication which has been converted into electronic form (such as scanned into .pdf format), or an electronically signed Communication converted into another format, for transmission, delivery and/or retention. The Administrative Agent and each of the Credit Parties may, at its option, create one or more copies of any Communication in the form of an imaged Electronic Record (“Electronic Copy”), which shall be deemed created in the ordinary course of such Person’s business, and destroy the original paper document. All Communications in the form of an Electronic Record, including an Electronic Copy, shall be considered an original for all purposes, and shall have the same legal effect, validity and enforceability as a paper record. Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, neither the Administrative Agent, the L/C Issuers nor Swing Line Lender is under any obligation to accept an Electronic Signature in any form or in any format unless expressly agreed to by such Person pursuant to procedures approved by it; provided, further, without limiting the foregoing, (a) to the extent the Administrative Agent, L/C Issuers and/or Swing Line Lender has agreed to accept such Electronic Signature, the Administrative Agent and each of the Credit Parties shall be entitled to rely on any such Electronic Signature purportedly given by or on behalf of any Borrower and/or any Credit Party without further verification and (b) upon the request of the Administrative Agent or any Credit Party, any Electronic Signature shall be promptly followed by such manually executed counterpart. Neither the Administrative Agent, L/C Issuers nor Swing Line Lender shall be responsible for or have any duty to ascertain or inquire into the sufficiency, validity, enforceability, effectiveness or genuineness of any Loan Document or any other agreement, instrument or document (including, for the avoidance of doubt, in connection with the Administrative Agent’s, L/C Issuers’ or Swing Line Lender’s reliance on any Electronic Signature transmitted by telecopy, emailed .pdf or any other electronic means). The Administrative Agent, L/C Issuers and Swing Line Lender shall be entitled to rely on, and shall incur no liability under or in respect of this Agreement or any other Loan Document by acting upon, any Communication (which writing may be a fax, any electronic message, Internet or intranet website posting or other distribution or signed using an Electronic Signature) or any statement made to it orally or by telephone and reasonably believed by it to be genuine and signed or sent or otherwise authenticated (whether or not such Person in fact meets the requirements set forth in the Loan Documents for being the maker thereof). Each of the Borrowers and each Credit Party hereby waives (i) any argument, defense or right to contest the legal effect, validity or enforceability of this Agreement and any other Loan Document based solely on the lack of paper original copies of this Agreement and/or such other Loan Document, and (ii) any claim against the Administrative Agent, each Credit Party and each Related Party for any liabilities arising solely from the Administrative Agent’s and/or any Credit Party’s reliance on or use of Electronic Signatures, including any liabilities arising as a result of the failure of the Borrowers to use any available security measures in connection with the execution, delivery or transmission of any Electronic Signature.

  • Electronic Reporting With the prior written consent of the Master Servicer, all reports to be made by the Servicer to the Master Servicer may be transmitted electronically in lieu of written reporting. If the Servicer services more than one hundred Mortgage Loans for the Master Servicer, it shall arrange for electronic transmission of the required reports. Any expenses occasioned by the electronic transmission of reports shall be borne by the Servicer.

  • Electronic Information Each Member hereby agrees that all current and future notices, confirmations and other communications may be made by the Company via email, sent to the email address of record of the Member provided to the Company as changed or updated from time to time, without necessity of confirmation of receipt, delivery or reading, and such form of electronic communication is sufficient for all matters regarding the relationship between the Company and the Members except as otherwise required by law. If any such electronically sent communication fails to be received for any reason, including but not limited to such communications being diverted to the recipients spam filters by the recipients email service provider, or due to a recipient’s change of address, or due to technology issues by the recipients service provider, the parties agree that the burden of such failure to receive is on the recipient and not the sender, and that the sender is under no obligation to resend communications via any other means, including but not limited to postal service or overnight courier, and that such communications shall for all purposes, including legal and regulatory, be deemed to have been delivered and received. Except as required by law, no physical, paper documents will be sent to Members, and a Member desires physical documents then such Member agrees to be satisfied by directly and personally printing, at such Member’s own expense, the electronically sent communication(s) and maintaining such physical records in any manner or form that a Member desires.

  • Format The data will be provided in the format specified in Specification 2 for Data Escrow (including encryption, signing, etc.) but including only the fields mentioned in the previous section, i.e., the file will only contain Domain and Registrar objects with the fields mentioned above. Registry Operator has the option to provide a full deposit file instead as specified in Specification 2.

  • Electronic Road Show The Company has made available a Bona Fide Electronic Road Show in compliance with Rule 433(d)(8)(ii) of the Securities Act Regulations such that no filing of any “road show” (as defined in Rule 433(h) of the Securities Act Regulations) is required in connection with the Offering.

  • Description of Electronic Delivery The Plan documents, which may include but do not necessarily include: the Plan, the Grant Notice, this Agreement, the Plan Prospectus, and any reports of the Company provided generally to the Company’s stockholders, may be delivered to the Participant electronically. In addition, if permitted by the Company, the Participant may deliver electronically the Grant Notice to the Company or to such third party involved in administering the Plan as the Company may designate from time to time. Such means of electronic delivery may include but do not necessarily include the delivery of a link to a Company intranet or the Internet site of a third party involved in administering the Plan, the delivery of the document via e-mail or such other means of electronic delivery specified by the Company.

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