Rent Paid definition

Rent Paid means the gross amount actually paid in cash or its equivalent to a landlord in connection with the occupancy of a homestead by Claimant and set forth on Line 16 of Form PA-1000 2021 prepared and filed by the Claimant with the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue.
Rent Paid means rent actually paid, and also includes rent payable

Examples of Rent Paid in a sentence

  • TO BE FILLED BY JMRCThe Lessee has sent above details for Lease Rent Paid.

  • TO BE FILLED BY JMRC The Lessee has sent above details for Lease Rent Paid.

  • Rent on premises taken on operating lease charged to statement of profit & loss as Rent Paid on time proportionate basis.

  • SingleMarried - Filing CombinedMarried - Living Separate for Entire YearFailure to provide the following attachments will result in denial or delay of your claim: Verification of Rent Paid (Form 5674), Form(s) 1099, W-2, etc.

  • If you live in public housing, you may wish to ask your manager about this.) Renter’s School Property Tax Credit Table* If Rent Paid is: At Least But Less ThanYour Line 9a Credit is:If Rent Paid is: At Least But Less Than*Caution The credit allowed certain persons may be less than the amount indicated.

  • Rent Paid: ………………………………..Reason For Leaving: …………………………………………………………….… Rented From: …….…….

  • Subject to the other provisions of this Resolution, each Claimant shall be eligible for a rent rebate from the School District equal to the Claimant’s Rent Paid times the applicable Rebate Percentage Factor.

  • Rent Paid to Municipality/County Total Revenue$0Total Expenditure$0 VIII.

  • The Operator acknowledges receipt of the sum set forth above showing payment through the Rent Paid To Date shown above.

  • Surname Given name/s Relationship to you Phone no.Landlord/agent’s phone no.Weekly Rent Paid 2.

Related to Rent Paid

  • Residential Rental Unit means an area legally licensed or permitted for use as a living space containing a sleeping area, bathing and sanitation facilities and cooking facilities equipped with a cooking range, refrigerator and sink, all of which are separate and distinct from other Residential Rental Units. Reg. §§ 1.103-8(a) 8(i).

  • Base Rent As defined in Section 3.1.

  • Rent as used in this Section 21 shall be deemed to be and to mean all sums of every nature required to be paid by Tenant pursuant to the terms of this Lease, whether to Landlord or to others. As used in Sections 21(c)(ii)(A) and (B), above, the “worth at the time of award” shall be computed by allowing interest at the Default Rate. As used in Section 21(c)(ii)(C) above, the “worth at the time of award” shall be computed by discounting such amount at the discount rate of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco at the time of award plus 1%.

  • Basic Rent means Basic Rent as defined in Paragraph 6.

  • Additional Rent means all sums of money, other than Base Rent, that shall become due from and payable by Tenant pursuant to this Lease.

  • Rental Charges means the charges payable for renting the Vehicle from Us together with GST and any other taxes or levies which are all fully set out in the Rental Agreement.