Community Service Leave Sample Clauses

Community Service Leave. Community service leave is provided for in the NES.
Community Service Leave. Leave of absence not to exceed five (5) days in any school year may be granted upon written application in advance for participation in civic or community activities. Such activities shall include, but not be limited to, service clubs, religious observances, charitable organizations, and political parties. Upon approval of such request by the Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources, salary deduction shall be limited to the substitute's pay for each day of such absences. (2001) Community service leave shall not be requested during the first two (2) or last two (2) weeks of the school year, except in extenuating circumstances.
Community Service Leave. 24.1 Employees are entitled to community service Leave in accordance with the provisions of the NES (refer to Chapter 2, Part 2-2, Division 8 of the Act).
Community Service Leave. An employee may apply, in writing, to the Company for a leave of absence to enable the employee to take part in community service programs. The written request for such leave of absence shall include the purpose and intended use of the leave as well as the dates and duration for which leave is requested. The Company may, in its sole discretion, grant or deny any such leave request. Community Service Leave will be paid when the employee is requested to represent the Company. Community Service Leave will be unpaid for all other reasons. Time lost from work due to an approved Community Service Leave will not be included in calculations of total time lost under the Company’s Attendance Program.
Community Service Leave. Requests for Community Service Leave may be submitted to the Superintendent, or Superintendent's designee. Such requests shall be accompanied by documentation of the circumstances involved. The request will be reviewed by a representative from MVEA and a representative from Human Resources and forwarded to the Superintendent. The Superintendent, or designee, may grant community service leave to the Covered Employee for either one (1) eight (8) hour request or two (2) four (4) hour requests per Work Year. Day leave may be used for additional hours of community service. Service as an election judge in a municipal, school, county, state or federal election will be reviewed for community service leave. All decisions rendered by the Superintendent, or designee, shall be considered final and not subject to the grievance procedure contained herein.
Community Service Leave. You can take a number of different types of community service leave to undertake an eligible community service activity, including jury service and some voluntary emergency management activities. You should refer to Company policies to find out how to take community service leave and in what circumstances it is paid.
Community Service Leave. The NES provides an entitlement to leave for all employees required to attend jury service and for those who engage in a voluntary emergency management activity. Jury service leave Employees (excluding casual employees) are entitled to be paid by their employer for a period of up to 10 days while they are absent from work during a period of jury service. Payment for jury service leave is the employee’s base rate of pay for ordinary hours of work. Employers can require the employee to obtain payments for jury service leave from the applicable State/Territory or Commonwealth body and these payments will reduce the amount payable to the employee. Notice requirements – jury service leave Employers can request evidence that the employee has taken steps to obtain any available payments and evidence of the payments from the State/Territory or Commonwealth body for the first 10 days of the jury service leave. If this is not provided the employer does not have to make the payment for jury service leave. Voluntary emergency management activities Employees are entitled to unpaid leave to engage in voluntary activities which involve dealing with a natural disaster or emergency if they are voluntary members of the emergency management body and the body has requested them to attend. Emergency management bodies include fire fighting bodies, civil defence and rescue. Notice requirements – community service leave Employees must give employers notice of the need for community service leave as soon as possible and advise the employer of the expected length of the absence. Employers can also require employees to give them reasonable evidence of the need for the leave.
Community Service Leave. A faculty member designated as the official representative of a local community group or service organization may be granted one (1) leave of absence during the school year. Such absence shall be with pay and shall not exceed three (3) days.
Community Service Leave. All employees in the unit are eligible up to 3 31 work days at full salary for “Community Service Leave.” 32