Request for Service Sample Clauses

Request for Service. The Local Government Entity will initiate a request for service by submitting a Request Form to the County.
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Request for Service. In support of services outlined in this Agreement, the Service Provider will respond to service related incidents and/or requests submitted by the Customer within the following time frames. The priority level will be determined by the Service Provider.  0-5 hours (during business hours) for issues classified as High priority.  Within 12 hours for issues classified as Medium priority.  Within 5 business days for issues classified as Low priority. Remote assistance will be provided in line with the above timescales dependent on the priority of the support request.
Request for Service. 1. When a justice of the peace in the Requesting County determines pursuant to Article
Request for Service. All trouble calls and requests for service shall be made directly to Dell. Dell shall work with Customer to provide remote trouble shooting and fault isolation to determine the probable cause of failure. When requesting service, the Customer shall provide Dell with (a) the name and address of the Equipment user, (b) a description of the Equipment type, (c) part number, (d) model number, (e) unit service tag or serial number and (f) explanation of the symptoms that indicate that a problem exists. Note that Dell may require the unit to have the latest software/firmware updates installed as part of the resolution for the problem. If field service is necessary, and Customer has Complete Care Plus coverage, at our discretion, as determined by Dell customer support staff, Dell will contact SPO for service. SPO will be dispatched with the appropriate test equipment and replacement parts. It is the responsibility for the Customer to maintain the unit according to the user documentation included with the system. Field service will not be dispatched to handle normal maintenance items and/or replacing consumable items such as the batteries. For installation services, Dell will require a minimum of twenty (20) working days advance notice.
Request for Service. In exchange for Shipper’s Dedication, Shipper hereby requests that Monarch provide gathering and transportation services so that Shipper’s Crude Oil may move over and through the Pipeline from the Receipt Point(s) to the Delivery Point(s).
Request for Service. Subject to the other terms and provisions of this Section 25 and other applicable Sections of this Master Lease, Tenant may contact any Maintenance Contractor to request the service to be performed by such Maintenance Contractor and shall otherwise be free to deal with each Maintenance Contractor in connection with the use and operation of the Facilities and the Business conducted thereon.
Request for Service. WFP shall inform I.C. name in advance of purchase contracts put in place with a WFP supplier, including relevant details to the extent known. Information shall include: size of the consignment (total tonnage expected), Shipping Instruction Number (SI), commodity type, nature of packaging, condition certificate or specifications, supplier and expected mode of transport. WFP shall request services under this Contract by sending I.C. NAME a formal Inspection Request, signed by a WFP designated official, authorizing I.C. NAME to proceed with the services therein specified. It is the responsibility of I.C. NAME to ensure that services provided under this Contract are in line with the most updated SOPs and Guidelines/Checklist forms published on WFP website. WFP shall not be responsible for work performed by I.C. NAME without a written Inspection Request duly signed by a WFP designated officer. 1 xxxx://
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Request for Service. The owner or another person with the consent of the owner of the parcel within the Growth Area submits to Fremont a written request for city water or sanitary sewer service with a copy of that request to the affected township.
Request for Service. The TO will submit a Request for Service to the carrier or the carrier’s representative for each group of passengers through GOPAX. DTMO will assist with scheduled service that cannot be arranged through GOPAX and with program related issues. All GOPAX system issues will be handled by USTRANSCOM (See Part III, 28). The Request for Service will contain the origin and destination of the group, the number of passengers in the group, the Branch of Service, the estimated number of pieces and weight of baggage, dimensions, number and weight of pieces of impedimenta, the time the group is available for travel, the required arrival time, the deadline for submission of offers of service, and any other information pertinent to the transportation requirement. This information and related data is sensitive and will be treated accordingly, even if the carrier chooses not to bid on a particular movement. Information related to movements will not be shared, sold, or posted online, e.g. social media, without the written approval of an authorized DoD representative.
Request for Service. All requests for service will be initiated when ------------------- an authorized Xxxxxxxx representative contacts Corvis' support staff at the telephone number or address provided in the Product Documentation delivered to Xxxxxxxx by Corvis and provides the following information: Xxxxxxxx name and address, name and telephone number of technical contact, contract number, product type and serial number, and brief description of the problem. Maintenance and Support Services Schedule ----------------------------------------- The Corvis Support Program includes the following Services. . Emergency 24 X 7 X 365 Access to the Corvis Networks Technical Assistance Center (TAC) . Basic software maintenance (patches and maintenance releases) . Repair and Return - Advanced Replacement The price for the Corvis Support Program is 3% of the price paid by Customer for the Network Elements and Software supported (subject to an aggregate cap of $3 million during the Initial Maintenance Term). The Corvis Support Program must be purchased for all Corvis Products deployed by Customer. The Annual Fees for the Corvis Support Program are due upon shipment of the associated Network Element or Software (pro rated for the portion of the calendar year remaining). The term of the Corvis Support Program for individual shipments made during a calendar year shall end on December 31 of each applicable year, and shall be renewed for the ensuing 12-month period effective January 1 of each year. Corvis shall invoice Customer for the Corvis Support Program at the commencement of each calendar year for such calendar year. Maintenance Services descriptions are provided below: ----------------------------------------------------
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