Designated Officer Sample Clauses

Designated Officer. “Designated Officer” means the officer designated by the CEO in writing to Executive from time to time.
Designated Officer. (a) No later than August 3, 2009 (or such later date agreed to by the Administrative Agent and the Required Lenders), the Company will have presented to the Administrative Agent (i) a candidate for election to the position of Designated Officer (the “Designated Officer”) to, among other things, review the viability of the Company’s business and its current liquidity, terminal operations, restructuring of the Company’s Regional or Logistics businesses, whole-business or asset sales, and staffing requirements and (ii) a description of the proposed scope of the engagement and the authority granted to such Designated Officer.
Designated Officer. The House of Sophrosyne shall appoint from the staff of the House a person to serve as designated harassment officer. This officer shall investigate and attempt to settle complaints of sexual harassment. This officer shall be trained in her duties by an Ontario Human Rights Commission Officer and shall perform her duties in an impartial and unbiased manner and shall conduct a fair investigation. A complainant should make his/her complaint to the designated harassment officer. If the allegation involves the sexual harassment of a child, the Children’s Aid Society must be notified. (See the Child and Family Services Act).
Designated Officer. Designated Officer" means the President, any Executive Vice President, the Treasurer or the Controller of the Borrower.
Designated Officer. The Designated Officer in TSSPDCL and TSNPDCL shall be of the rank of a Financial Advisor& Chief Controller of Account (FA& CCA) and GM (F&A) or any other Officer designated by TSSPDCL and TSNPDCL for matters relating to Billing and Payment.
Designated Officer. Employee acknowledges that he reports solely to the Designated Officer. The Employment Agreement is hereby amended so that references to the terms "CEO" and "Board" contained in the Employment Agreement are deemed to refer to the "Designated Officer."
Designated Officer. 8.1 COMPENSATION Any qualified firefighter or officer will receive Designated Officer pay when he/she accepts the responsibilities of a position or rank above that which he/she normally holds, except for the Officer position assigned to the Quincy Municipal Airport. He/she shall be paid at the hourly rate for that position or rank while so acting. In order for a firefighter to qualify for the pay differential between his pay and that of the next higher rank including Lieutenant, Captain or Assistant Chief, he must:
Designated Officer. The Chief Executive Officer, or his/her representative, shall be designated as the official representative of the Board in all matters pertaining to this Agreement and shall have the right and authority to act on behalf of the Board with respect to all action required of the Board in this Agreement.
Designated Officer. The term