Designated Officer Sample Clauses

Designated Officer. “Designated Officer” means the officer designated by the CEO in writing to Executive from time to time.
Designated Officer. 2.1 ‘Designated Officer’ (DO) means the MOD’s representative who is responsible for authorising bills for payment and confirming that tasks have been fully carried out to the Designated Officer’s satisfaction.
Designated Officer. The designated officer who shall conduct all business for the Authority under the provisions of this Agreement shall be the CEO/Executive Director of the Authority or designated representative, whose decision shall be final.
Designated Officer. In order to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act, participants to this Agreement shall nominate a Designated Officer to whom all requests and from whom all disclosures of personal information will be made. Disclosure requests, disclosure decisions and the details of personal information that has been disclosed will be in writing and the designated officer will maintain a record. The identity of the data owner must also be recorded against the relevant data. No secondary use or other use may be made unless the consent of the disclosing party to that secondary use is sought and obtained. Information discovered to be inaccurate or inadequate for the purpose will be notified to the data owner who will be responsible for correcting the data. The data owner will then notify all other recipients of that data, who must ensure that the correction is applied. Decisions on disclosures reached at meetings must be minuted. The designated officer will ensure that appropriate security arrangements are in place within their respective organisations to prevent unauthorised access to and disclosure of personal data. A list of designated officers will assume responsibility for data protection, security and confidentiality issues and compliance with legislation within their respective organisations will be made available to partner organisations as a matter of routine.
Designated Officer. (a) No later than August 3, 2009 (or such later date agreed to by the Administrative Agent and the Required Lenders), the Company will have presented to the Administrative Agent (i) a candidate for election to the position of Designated Officer (the “Designated Officer”) to, among other things, review the viability of the Company’s business and its current liquidity, terminal operations, restructuring of the Company’s Regional or Logistics businesses, whole-business or asset sales, and staffing requirements and (ii) a description of the proposed scope of the engagement and the authority granted to such Designated Officer.
Designated Officer. All work under the Contract shall be carried out to the complete satisfaction of the Designated Officer detailed at Box 2 of the DEFFORM 111, the Appendix to Contract.
Designated Officer. The House of Xxxxxxxxxx shall appoint from the staff of the House a person to serve as designated harassment officer. This officer shall investigate and attempt to settle complaints of sexual harassment. This officer shall be trained in her duties by an Ontario Human Rights Commission Officer and shall perform her duties in an impartial and unbiased manner and shall conduct a fair investigation. A complainant should make his/her complaint to the designated harassment officer. If the allegation involves the sexual harassment of a child, the Children’s Aid Society must be notified. (See the Child and Family Services Act).
Designated Officer. Broadcaster has designated Xx. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Mishra, who is presently working as SR.Manager with the broadcaster, having his office address at Xxxx xx.00-00, Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxx -751024 , email- xxxxxxx.xxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.xx , contact details Tel. 0000-0000000, Cell.00000000000 as its authorised representative to receive all the request for interconnection from the DPOs
Designated Officer. Designated Officer" means the President, any Executive Vice President, the Treasurer or the Controller of the Borrower.
Designated Officer. 2.1 For the purposes of the Contract, the Authority’s Designated Officer shall be the person referred to in Box 2 of the Appendix to Contract, or their authorised representative.