Regular Sample Clauses

Regular. The ECD for regular employees is calculated by giving service credits for: • probationary employment; • 100% of employment service in an acquired Company; • previous regular and temporary (full-time and reduced hours employment), if there has been no break in service exceeding twelve (12) months; • previous casual construction employment if there was no break in employment exceeding three (3) months (or 12 months for casual construction employees on the Pension and Insurance Plan). (The ECD has an impact on sick leave and severance pay.)
Regular. Regular employees are those employees who, having satisfactorily met the job requirements, are judged medically fit by the Health and Safety Division for positions which are part of the continuing organization of the Company. They must have served the required time in a probationary category which is part of the Company’s continuing organization, or in a temporary category which becomes part of the Company’s continuing organization.
Regular. An annual $1,000 deposit is made on the first day of each year. Rollover, Transfer, or Conversion.* A one-time $1,000 deposit is made on the first day of the first year. Your Age on Your Birth Date in Contribution Year Investment Instrument Length of Time Deposit Rate of Interest % Compounding Method FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS Number of Years in IRA Program Total Accumulation of IRA Dollars Amount After Fees and Penalties 1 Year $ $ 3 Years $ $ 5 Years $ $ End of the Year You Reach Age Total Accumulation of IRA Dollars Amount After Fees and Penalties 60 $ $ 65 $ $ 70 $ $ ADDITIONAL FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE INFORMATION The account values shown are projections based on many assumptions. These projections have been reduced by any applicable fees. They are not guaranteed, but depend upon many factors, including the interest rates and terms of future funding instruments. We may charge you an annual service fee or other fees in connection with your IRA. If we do not charge these fees now, we may do so in the future after giving you notice. If you do not pay these fees separately, they may be paid from the assets of your IRA. CURRENT FEES $ $ $ $ $ $ *Conversion applies to Xxxx IRAs only METHOD III Growth cannot be projected The value of your IRA will be dependent solely upon the performance of any investment instrument used to fund your IRA. Therefore, no projection of the growth of your IRA can reasonably be shown or guaranteed. Terms and conditions of the IRA that affect your investment are listed below.
Regular. The symbols 2D and/or 2-D shall be used as a grade designation for middle distillate diesel fuel oils used in vehicular diesel engines and in non-vehicular applications having frequently varying loads and speeds. Shall also be known as Regular.
Regular. When employees are regularly downgraded to a job in a lower wage group, they shall be paid the maximum rate of the new job. However, in the event the employee’s rate is less than the maxi- mum for the lower wage group, they shall retain their rate of pay and be considered for step-rate increases along the range for the lower group in accordance with Section 10 above. If the downgrad- ing is for other than disciplinary reasons, such step-rate increases are to be considered on the anniversary date for the employee held in the higher group.
Regular. Operators shall select their runs strictly in accordance with seniority in the service. The five (5) regular sign-ups of approximately equal duration shall be in approximately January, March, June, August and November. Failure to comply with the above-noted time periods regarding the January, March and November sign-ups will result in a special sign-up between the regular sign-ups. After a new and major run cut, schedules and runs shall be presented to the Union Committee thirty (30) days previous to the sign-up; and fifteen (15) days for repeat sign-ups. Schedules and runs shall be posted at all locations ten (10) days previous to the sign-up and signed up in accordance with seniority. In the event the requirement for on-street transit service is reduced immediately as a result of external events the Employer has no control over, a line sign-up will take place immediately and will go into effect in conjunction with the two (2) week sign-up. Upon resumption of regular transit service, Operators will revert back to the work signed for at the last major sign-up, if applicable. This reversion will take effect in conjunction with the two (2) week sign- up. Transfers and other supplies may be obtained at Transit Windsor, its terminals and at such other places and in such other manner as the Company may from time to time determine. The Employer shall post a complete list of all Operators and runs that they have signed for in the Operator’s room in the Transit Centre and at all locations where Operators take relief.
Regular. TERMINATION If your employment and your service as a Company director terminate for any reason except Cause, death or Disability, then your option will expire at the close of business at Company headquarters on the 90th day after your termination date. CAUSE If your employment or service as a Company director terminates on account of Cause, then your option will expire immediately. DEATH In the event of your death during the period of your employment or service as a Company director, your option will expire at the close of business at Company headquarters on the date six months after the date of death. During that six-month period, your estate or heirs may exercise your option.