Effectiveness Sample Clauses

Effectiveness. Any notice or other communication in respect of this Agreement may be given in any manner set forth below (except that a notice or other communication under Section 5 or 6 may not be given by facsimile transmission or electronic messaging system) to the address or number or in accordance with the electronic messaging system details provided (see the Schedule) and will be deemed effective as indicated:—

Effectiveness. This Agreement shall be binding and deemed effective when executed by Borrower, Agent, and each Lender whose signature is provided for on the signature pages hereof.

Effectiveness. This Agreement shall become effective upon the execution of a counterpart hereof by each of the parties hereto and receipt by Company and Administrative Agent of written or telephonic notification of such execution and authorization of delivery thereof.

Effectiveness. If, prior to the Effective Date, Dealer reasonably determines that it is advisable to cancel the Transaction because of concerns that Dealer’s related hedging activities could be viewed as not complying with applicable securities laws, rules or regulations, the Transaction shall be cancelled and shall not become effective, and neither party shall have any obligation to the other party in respect of the Transaction.

Effectiveness. Subject to the recording of an Assignment by Agent in the Register pursuant to subsection 1.4(b), (i) the assignee thereunder shall become a party hereto and, to the extent that rights and obligations under the Loan Documents have been assigned to such assignee pursuant to such Assignment, shall have the rights and obligations of a Lender, (ii) any applicable Note shall be transferred to such assignee through such entry and (iii) the assignor thereunder shall, to the extent that rights and obligations under this Agreement have been assigned by it pursuant to such Assignment, relinquish its rights (except for those surviving the termination of the Commitments and the payment in full of the Obligations) and be released from its obligations under the Loan Documents, other than those relating to events or circumstances occurring prior to such assignment (and, in the case of an Assignment covering all or the remaining portion of an assigning Lender’s rights and obligations under the Loan Documents, such Lender shall cease to be a party hereto).

Effectiveness. The provisions of this First Supplemental Indenture shall become effective as of the date hereof.

Effectiveness. This Amendment shall become effective upon the satisfaction of all the following conditions precedent:

Effectiveness. This Agreement shall become effective upon the execution and delivery hereof by the parties hereto.

Effectiveness. This Credit Agreement shall become effective on the date on which all of the parties have signed a copy hereof (whether the same or different copies) and shall have delivered the same to the Administrative Agent pursuant to Section 9.2 or, in the case of the Lenders, shall have given to the Administrative Agent written, telecopied or telex notice (actually received) at such office that the same has been signed and mailed to it.

Effectiveness (i) All communications described in clause (a) above and all other notices, demands, requests and other communications made in connection with this Agreement shall be effective and be deemed to have been received (i) if delivered by hand, upon personal delivery, (ii) if delivered by overnight courier service, one (1) Business Day after delivery to such courier service, (iii) if delivered by mail, three (3) Business Days after deposit in the mail, (iv) if delivered by facsimile (other than to post to an E-System pursuant to clause (a)(ii) or (a)(iii) above), upon sender’s receipt of confirmation of proper transmission, and (v) if delivered by posting to any E-System, on the later of the Business Day of such posting and the Business Day access to such posting is given to the recipient thereof in accordance with the standard procedures applicable to such E-System; provided, however, that no communications to Agent pursuant to Article I shall be effective until received by Agent. (ii) The posting, completion and/or submission by any Credit Party of any communication pursuant to an E-System shall constitute a representation and warranty by the Credit Parties that any representation, warranty, certification or other similar statement required by the Loan Documents to be provided, given or made by a Credit Party in connection with any such communication is true, correct and complete except as expressly noted in such communication or E-System.