Written Instrument Sample Clauses

Written Instrument. This Agreement can be changed only by a writing signed by both parties hereto.
Written Instrument. Each subletting or assignment to which Landlord has consented shall be by an instrument in writing in form satisfactory to Landlord, and shall be executed by the sublessor or assignor and by the sublessee or assignee in each instance, as the case may be, and each sublessee or assignee shall agree in writing for the benefit of the Landlord herein to assume, to be bound by, and to perform the terms, covenants, and conditions of this Lease to be done, kept and performed by the Tenant. One executed copy of such written instrument shall be delivered to the Landlord. Tenant agrees to reimburse Landlord for Landlord's reasonable attorney's fees and such other reasonable charges which Landlord incurs or causes to be incurred in conjunction with the processing and documentation of any such requested subletting or assignment of this Lease or Tenant's interest in and to the Premises.
Written Instrument. Neither this Sublease nor any term or provision hereof may be changed, waived, discharged or terminated orally, and no breach thereof shall be waived, altered or modified, except by a written instrument signed by the party against which the enforcement of the change, waiver, discharge or termination is sought, and subject in any event to the provisions of Section 11.1. No waiver of any breach shall affect or alter this Sublease, but each and every term, covenant and condition of this Sublease shall continue in full force and effect with respect to any other then existing or subsequent breach thereof. The consent of Landlord given in any instance under the terms of this Sublease shall not relieve Tenant of any obligation to secure the consent of Landlord in any other or future instance under the terms of this Sublease.
Written Instrument. No alteration, amendment or modification of this Agreement shall be valid unless evidenced by a written instrument executed by the Parties hereto with the same formality as this Agreement, and made in the manner required by the Development Agreement Act and City Development Agreement Regulations.
Written Instrument. No assignment or sublease shall be valid or effective until there is delivered to Landlord and any Lender (as defined in Section 16.5.2), a duplicate original of the written instrument of assignment, in recordable form, containing the name or address of the assignee or sublessee, and an assumption by the assignee or sublessee of the Lease and of all obligations under this Lease to be performed by Tenant. Such assumption need relate only to the obligations thereafter to be performed by Tenant.
Written Instrument. The parties acknowledge that this Amendment is a written instrument and that, by their signatures below, they are agreeing to the terms and conditions contained in this Amendment. [Signature page follows]
Written Instrument. This Agreement may be amended or modified by the Partners only by a written instrument executed by both Partners.

Related to Written Instrument

Written Instructions mean (i) written instructions signed by an Authorized Person and received by PFPC or (ii) trade instructions transmitted (and received by PFPC) by means of an electronic transaction reporting system access to which requires use of a password or other authorized identifier. The instructions may be delivered by hand, mail, tested telegram, cable, telex or facsimile sending device.
No Documents or Instruments No such Receivable, or constituent part thereof, constitutes a “negotiable instrument” or “negotiable document of title” (as such terms are used in the UCC).
Documents, Instruments, and Chattel Paper The Borrower represents and warrants to the Agent and the Lenders that (a) all documents, instruments, and chattel paper describing, evidencing, or constituting Collateral, and all signatures and endorsements thereon, are and will be complete, valid, and genuine, and (b) all goods evidenced by such documents, instruments, and chattel paper are and will be owned by the Borrower, free and clear of all Liens other than Permitted Liens.
Closing Documents The Purchaser or its designee shall have received all of the following Closing Documents, in such forms as are agreed upon and acceptable to the Purchaser, the Underwriters, the Initial Purchasers and the Rating Agencies (collectively, the “Interested Parties”), and upon which the Interested Parties may rely:
No Action Except Under Specified Documents or Instructions The Owner Trustee shall not manage, control, use, sell, dispose of or otherwise deal with any part of the Trust Estate except (i) in accordance with the powers granted to and the authority conferred upon the Owner Trustee pursuant to this Agreement, (ii) in accordance with the Transaction Documents and (iii) in accordance with any document or instruction delivered to the Owner Trustee pursuant to Section 6.3.
Ancillary Agreements This Agreement is not intended to address, and should not be interpreted to address, the matters specifically and expressly covered by the Ancillary Agreements.
Amendment Documents This Amendment and any other instrument, document or certificate required by Agent to be executed or delivered by any of the Loan Parties, Agent or the Lenders in connection with this Amendment, in each case duly executed (the "Amendment Documents");
Construction Documents The final Drawings and Specifications, as prepared, sealed by the Architect’s design professional in accordance with the law, and issued by the Design-Builder for the purpose of obtaining bids from potential trade subcontractors and material suppliers for use in constructing the Project.
Operative Documents Not later than five (5) business days prior ------------------- to the Closing, Seller will furnish or make available to Purchaser a true, correct and complete copy of each and every operative document delivered to Seller in connection with the purchase of the Equipment by Seller.
Financing Documents As of the Closing Date, Project Lender and the applicable City Bodies shall have approved the form and substance of the Multi-Party Agreement, Project Loan Documents, and any additional documents relating to the Project Loan. On the Closing Date, the Project Loan shall be closed, and in connection therewith, the Multi-Party Agreement, the Project Loan Documents, and any additional documents relating thereto shall be fully executed by all parties thereto.