Registration Rights Sample Clauses

Registration Rights. No Person has any right to cause the Company or any Subsidiary to effect the registration under the Securities Act of any securities of the Company or any Subsidiary.
Registration Rights. The Company covenants and agrees as follows:
Registration Rights. The initial holder of this Warrant (and certain assignees thereof) is entitled to the benefit of such registration rights in respect of the Warrant Shares as are set forth in Section 2 of the Registration Rights Agreement.
Registration Rights. Except as set forth on Schedule 3.1(v), no Person has any right to cause the Company or any Subsidiary to effect the registration under the Securities Act of any securities of the Company or any Subsidiary.
Registration Rights. Except as disclosed in the General Disclosure Package, there are no contracts, agreements or understandings between the Company and any person granting such person the right to require the Company to file a registration statement under the Act with respect to any securities of the Company owned or to be owned by such person or to require the Company to include such securities in the securities registered pursuant to a Registration Statement or in any securities being registered pursuant to any other registration statement filed by the Company under the Act (collectively, “registration rights”), and any person to whom the Company has granted registration rights has agreed not to exercise such rights until after the expiration of the Lock-Up Period referred to in Section 5 hereof.
Registration Rights. The Company shall cause the Registration Rights Agreement to remain in full force and effect and the Company shall comply in all material respects with the terms thereof.
Registration Rights. There are no persons with registration rights or other similar rights to have any securities registered for sale pursuant to the Registration Statement or otherwise registered for sale or sold by the Company under the 1933 Act pursuant to this Agreement, other than those rights that have been disclosed in the Registration Statement, the General Disclosure Package and the Prospectus and have been waived.
Registration Rights. Subscriber acknowledges that the Shares are being purchased pursuant to an exemption from the registration requirements of the Securities Act and will become freely tradable only after certain conditions are met or they are registered pursuant to a registration rights agreement to be entered into with the Company prior to the closing of the IPO.
Registration Rights. The Company hereby grants the following registration rights to holders of the Securities. If the Company at any time proposes to file a registration statement to register any of its securities under the 1933 Act for sale to the public, whether for its own account or for the account of other security holders or both, except with respect to registration statements on Forms S-4, S-8 or another form not available for registering other shares of Common Stock held by or purchasable by Subscriber as set forth on Schedule 11.1 (“Registrable Securities”), provided the Registrable Securities are not otherwise registered for resale by the Subscribers or Holder pursuant to an effective registration statement or may be sold pursuant to Rule 144 without respect to volume limitations in which case they shall be deemed to no longer be Registrable Securities, each such time it will give at least fifteen (15) days' prior written notice to the record holder of the Registrable Securities of its intention so to do. Upon the written request of the holder, received by the Company within ten (10) days after the giving of any such notice by the Company, to register any of the Registrable Securities not previously registered as permitted by the SEC Guidance for an offering to be made on a continuous basis pursuant to Rule 415, the Company will cause such Registrable Securities as to which registration shall have been so requested to be included with the securities to be covered by the registration statement proposed to be filed by the Company, all to the extent required to permit the sale or other disposition of the Registrable Securities so registered by the holder of such Registrable Securities (the “Seller” or “Sellers”). Unless instructed in writing to the contrary, the Subscribers hereby automatically exercise the registration rights granted in this Section 11.1. The Seller is hereby given the same rights and benefits as any other party identified in such registration. In the event that any registration pursuant to this Section 11.1 shall be, in whole or in part, an underwritten public offering of common stock of the Company, the number of shares of Registrable Securities to be included in such an underwriting may be reduced by the managing underwriter if and to the extent that the Company and the underwriter shall reasonably be of the opinion that such inclusion would adversely affect the marketing of the securities to be sold by the Company therein; provided, however, that t...
Registration Rights. Other than each of the Purchasers, no Person has any right to cause the Company to effect the registration under the Securities Act of any securities of the Company.