purchased Sample Clauses

purchased. An NSO may be exercised by deliver to the Company of written notice stating the number of shares elected to be purchased, and by payment to the Company as described in paragraph 3.
purchased. Each Co-Borrower expressly consents to the foregoing arrangements and agrees that any Lender holding a participation in an Obligation so purchased may exercise any and all rights of setoff, banker’s lien or counterclaim with respect to the participation as fully as if Lender were the original owner of the Obligation purchased.
purchased. RIGHTS 2.1
purchased. The Custodian shall pay, upon receipt of a Clearing Member's statement confirming the purchase of such Option held by such Clearing Member for the account of the Custodian (or any duly appointed and registered nominee of the Custodian) as custodian for the Fund, out of money held for the account of the Series to which such Option is to be specifically allocated, the total amount payable upon such purchase to the Clearing Member through whom the purchase was made, provided that the same conforms to the total amount payable as set forth in such Certificate.
purchased. If at the expiration of the Offer Period the aggregate principal amount of Notes surrendered by Holders exceeds the Repurchase Offer Amount, the Company shall select the Notes to be purchased on a pro rata basis (with such adjustments as may be deemed appropriate by the Company so that only Notes in denominations of $1,000, or integral multiples thereof, shall be purchased). Each Holder whose Notes are purchased only in part shall be issued new Notes equal in principal amount to the unpurchased portion of the Notes surrendered by such Holder.
purchased. The Leased Artwork is purchased by Leasee for purchase price. At any time during this Agreement, Leasee may purchase any individual Leased Artwork and 50% of all lease payments for that specific piece of artwork being purchased will be applied to the purchase order for that individual piece.
purchased. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event that the Common Holders (as defined below) shall have a right to purchase their pro rata shares of such Equity Securities pursuant to Section 2 below, Buyer shall participate as a Common Holder in such issuance of Equity Securities in accordance with the procedures set forth in, or taken pursuant to, Section 2. 1.3
purchased. Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of this Section 4.06, the Company and the Restricted Subsidiaries shall not be required to apply any Net Available Cash in accordance with this Section 4.06(a) except to the extent that the aggregate Net Available Cash from all Asset Dispositions which are not applied in accordance with this Section 4.06(a) exceeds $10.0 million. Pending application of Net Available Cash pursuant to this Section 4.06(a), such Net Available Cash shall be invested in Permitted Investments or used to reduce loans outstanding under any revolving credit facility. For the purposes of this Section 4.06, the following are deemed to be cash or cash equivalents: (x) the assumption of Indebtedness of the Company or any Restricted Subsidiary and the release of the Company or such Restricted Subsidiary from all liability on such Indebtedness in connection with such Asset Disposition and (y) securities received by the Company or any Restricted Subsidiary from the transferee that are promptly converted by the Company or such Restricted Subsidiary into cash.