Master Policy definition

Master Policy means a single worker’s compensation insurance policy issued by an insurer authorized to do business in this state to an employee leasing company in the name of the employee leasing company that covers more than one client of the employee leasing company.
Master Policy means this document, any supplementary contracts or endorsements therein, whenever executed, any amendments thereto agreed to and signed by Us, the application form provided by You, the Schemes Rules and the individual enrollment forms, if any, of the insured Members, which together constitute the entire contract between the parties.
Master Policy means the contract between the Company and the Master Policyholder to provide Life Cover to the insured member on receipt of due premiums.

Examples of Master Policy in a sentence

  • The Union shall be provided with a current copy of the Master Policy.

  • The Master Policy is a non-renewable one year term insurance policy.

  • This Certificate does not extend or change the coverage provided by the Master Policy.

  • The Terms of the Master Policy govern all available coverage and payments made or to be made.

  • The Terms of the Master Policy as evidenced by this Certificate shall not be waived or modified except by the express written agreement of the Company.

More Definitions of Master Policy

Master Policy means the cover provided by this endorsement.
Master Policy means the contract of insurance entered into between You and Us as evidenced by this Master Policy Document.
Master Policy means or refers to the Master Policy to which this Rider document is annexed/ attached thereto;
Master Policy means this Master Policy wording and the Master Policy Schedule.
Master Policy means a document issued by a mortgage guaranty insurance company to a creditor or mortgage-holding entity that establishes the terms and conditions of mortgage guaranty insurance coverage provided thereunder, including any endorsements thereto.
Master Policy means the Reliance Group Credit Assure Plan contract entered into between the Master Policyholder and the Company providing life cover to the members of the Master Policy holder
Master Policy means this Policy.