SUPPLEMENT TO Sample Clauses

SUPPLEMENT TO. ARTICLE 4, ARCHITECT Delete Subparagraph 4.1.1 entirely and substitute the following: Contracts administered by Architects
SUPPLEMENT TO. EXECUTIVE EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT This supplements that certain Executive Employment Agreement by and between QUINTILES TRANSNATIONAL CORP. and XXXX X. XXXXXXX dated June 14, 2004, as amended (the “Employment Agreement”). Pursuant to this supplement, if Xxxx X. Xxxxxxx retires, elects not to renew his Employment Agreement or otherwise voluntarily departs from service to Quintiles, he shall be entitled to the same benefits as the benefits owed to Xx. Xxxxxxx had he been terminated without “Cause,” as described in the Employment Agreement, including cash severance payments, insurance benefits and executive allowance benefits (each as described more fully in Xx. Xxxxxxx’x Employment Agreement), which shall be calculated and payable upon the same terms and subject to the same conditions (as set forth in his Employment Agreement) following the date his employment relationship with Quintiles ends. QUINTILES TRANSNATIONAL CORP. By: Name: Title: Date: EXECUTIVE: Xxxx X. Xxxxxxx
SUPPLEMENT TO. Article Eleven of the Original Indenture.
SUPPLEMENT TO. SCHEDULE I Pledged Accounts PNC Bank, National Association Accounts Depository/Collection Accounts Intercloud Systems 8026293856 ADEX Puerto Rico 8026293848 ADEX Corporation 8026293821 AW Solutions, Inc. 8026293813 Telnet Solutions, Inc. 8026293805 Integration Partners Corporation NY 8026294111 Operating/Disbursement Accounts Intercloud Systems 8026293725 ADEX Puerto Rico 8026293717 ADEX Corporation 8026293709 AW Solutions, Inc. 8026293696 Telnet Solutions, Inc. 8026293688 Integration Partners Corporation NY 8026294103
SUPPLEMENT TO. ARTICLE VIII . Article VIII of the Credit Agreement is hereby supplemented by adding the following new Section 8.01(o):
SUPPLEMENT TO. ARTICLE 4. Anything contained in this Lease to the contrary notwithstanding, in the event Landlord fails to make any repair which Landlord is required to make under this Lease and such repair does not result from, nor was it caused by carelessness, omission, neglect or improper conduct of Tenant, to all (or to any identifiable portion) of the Demised Premises and the same shall continue for a period beyond seven (7) days after Landlord's receipt of notice thereof, then and on condition that Tenant shall, as a result of Landlord's failure to make such repairs, discontinue conducting its business within all (or an identifiable portion) of the Demised Premises, of which fact Tenant shall give prompt written notice to Landlord, the rent payable hereunder shall completely abatx xx the event of such discontinuance of doing business by Tenant in all of the Demised Premises (or proportionately abatx xx the event of such portion of the Demised Premises) during the period from and including the day following the aforementioned seven (7) day period to and including the sooner to occur of: (i) the day Landlord substantially completes repairs to the Demised Premises; or (ii) the day preceding the day Tenant shall sooner again commence doing business within the Demised Premises (or such identifiable portion thereof).
SUPPLEMENT TO. ARTICLE 7 (SUBORDINATION) CONTINUED ------------------------------------------------- If Tenant shall fail to so execute, acknowledge and return such non-disturbance agreement as above provided, then this Lease shall be subordinate to such leasehold or fee mortgage or ground or underlying lease, as the case may be, notwithstanding the fact that the holder or lessor thereof and Tenant shall have not executed and exchanged a non-disturbance agreement, but if Tenant has executed such non-disturbance agreement, this Lease shall not be subject and subordinate to such leasehold or fee mortgage or ground or underlying lease, as the case may be, until Tenant receives the non-disturbance agreement executed by the lessor or holder of such mortgage. EXHIBIT "A" [FLOOR PLAN 11TH FLOOR WEST] EXHIBIT "B" DEPARTMENT OF BUILDINGS BOROUGH OF MANHATTAN, THE CITY OF NEW YORK Date: August 27, 1974 No. _______ CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY NO CHANGES OF USE OR OCCUPANCY NOT CONSISTENT WITH THIS CERTIFICATE SHALL BE MADE UNLESS FIRST APPROVED BY THE BOROUGH SUPERINTENDENT This certificate supersedes C.O. No. THIS CERTIFIES that the altered building located at 000 Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 000, Xxx 1. That the zoning lot and premises above referred to are situated, bounded and described as follows: BEGINNING at a point on the south side of 00xx Xxxxxx distant 0 feet from the corner formed by the intersection of 00xx Xxxxxx xxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx running thence east 800 feet; thence north 206'6" feet; running thence feet; thence ________________ feet; thence ___________ feet; to the point or place of beginning, conforms substantially to the approved plans and specifications, and to the requirements of the Building Code, the Zoning Resolution and all other laws and ordinances, and of the rules of the Board of Standards and Appeals, applicable to a building of its class and kind at the time the permit was issued; and CERTIFIES FURTHER that, any provisions of Section 646e of the New York Charter have been complied with as certified by a report of the Fire Commissioner of the Borough Superintendent. Class 1 or Alt. No. 1100-73. Construction classification - fireproof. Occupancy classification - commercial. Height 17 stories, 237' 5" feet. Date of completion _________. Located in M 1-5. Zoning District at time of issuance of permit August 19, 1974. This certificate is issued subject to the limitations hereinafter specified and to the following resolutions of the Board of Standards and Appeals: ______...
SUPPLEMENT TO. COLLATERAL AGENCY AGREEMENT SERIES 2005-A SUPPLEMENT TO COLLATERAL AGENCY AGREEMENT (this “Series 2005-A Collateral Supplement”), dated and effective as of July 27, 2005, among Harco Leasing Company, Inc., a Delaware corporation (“Harco Leasing”), Navistar Leasing Company, a Delaware statutory trust (the “Titling Trust”), the Series 2005-A Portfolio Interest Obligors identified herein, the Series 2005-A Secured Parties identified herein, and each other person from time to time joining in this Series 2005-A Collateral Supplement in the capacity of a Secured Party, Navistar Financial Corporation, a Delaware corporation (“Navistar Financial”), as Servicer, Navistar Financial Retail Receivables Corporation, a Delaware corporation (“NFRRC”), Navistar Financial 2005-A Owner Trust, a Delaware statutory trust (the “Issuer”), The Bank of New York Trust Company, N.A., a national banking association, as successor-in-interest to Xxxxxx Trust and Savings Bank, acting in its capacity as collateral agent for the holders of the Secured Obligations (in such capacity, the “Collateral Agent”), and The Bank of New York, a New York banking corporation, acting in its capacity as Indenture Trustee pursuant to the Indenture (as defined below) (the “Indenture Trustee”) .
SUPPLEMENT TO. SOFTWARE LICENSING AGREEMENT CONTRACT #___________ This Supplement provides additional terms and conditions to the above referenced Software License Agreement. All terms and conditions of the Software License Agreement apply to this Supplement and the terms and conditions of this Supplement are hereby incorporated by reference into the Software License Agreement.
SUPPLEMENT TO. ARTICLE 7 (SUBORDINATION) --------------------------------------- Landlord represents that Landlord is the fee owner of the land and Building of which the demised premises form a part and that no mortgage affects said land and Building on the date of this Lease other than the mortgage(s) referred to in the form of nondisturbance agreement annexed hereto as Exhibit D. Landlord agrees to cause the holder(s) of such mortgage(s) referred to in said Exhibit D to execute and deliver such non-disturbance agreement to Tenant simultaneously with the execution and delivery of this Lease to Tenant. Anything to the contrary contained in this Article 77 or Articles 7 and 43 hereof notwithstanding, this Lease shall not be subordinate to any leasehold or fee mortgage or ground or underlying lease made after the execution and delivery of this Lease unless an agreement in recordable form from the lessor(s) under such ground or underlying lease(s) or from the holder(s) of such mortgage(s) on the customary form of such lessor(s) and/or holder(s) provides in substance that unless Tenant shall be in default under this Lease and the time to cure such default has expired without cure of such default: