Loan Pool definition

Loan Pool means: (a) in the context of a Securitization, any pool or group of loans that are a part of such Securitization; (b) in the context of a Transfer, all loans which are sold, transferred or assigned to the same transferee; and (c) in the context of a Participation, all loans as to which participating interests are granted to the same participant.
Loan Pool means, as of any date, the Initial Loans and the Substitute Loans (if any), other than any such Loans that (a) have been reconveyed by the Issuer to the Trust Depositor, and concurrently by the Trust Depositor to the Originator, pursuant to Section 11.02 hereof or (b) have been paid (or prepaid) in full.
Loan Pool. As of any date of determination, the pool of all Loans conveyed to the Issuer pursuant to this Agreement on all Transfer Dates up to and including such date of determination, which Loans have not been released from the Lien of the Indenture pursuant to the terms of the Basic Documents, together with the rights and obligations of a holder thereof, and the payments thereon and proceeds therefrom received on and after the applicable Transfer Cut-off Date, as identified from time to time on the Loan Schedule.

Examples of Loan Pool in a sentence

  • The cost recovery method of income recognition is used for the interest on the WVEDA Non-Recourse Loan held by the Loan Pool.

  • The Loan Pool contains loans receivable arising from lending activities of economic development authorities.

  • The Loan Pool is restricted by statute to receiving 3% earnings on the funds transferred to the WVEDA.

  • Although the non-recourse loan made by the WVEDA may earn an excess of 3%, only 3% will be given to the Loan Pool, and the WVEDA will retain the rest.

  • The BTI is not responsible for exercising any discretion over or making any decisions in regard to the lending, investing and repayment activities of the non-recourse loan program, or for any other loans in the Loan Pool.

More Definitions of Loan Pool

Loan Pool. A pool of Mortgage Loans sold by one or more Sellers to the Purchaser on any Closing Date pursuant to the terms of this Agreement and the related Commitment Letter (which Mortgage Loans shall be identified on the related Mortgage Loan Schedule delivered pursuant to this Agreement).
Loan Pool means, with respect to any Series, all Loans identified in the Loan Schedule for such Series.
Loan Pool means the pool of Loans (including the 2018-1A SUBI Loans).
Loan Pool means, at any time, all then outstanding Loans sold or contributed, or purported to be sold or contributed, to Seller pursuant to the Sale Agreement and transferred or purported to be transferred to the Administrative Agent, on behalf of the Purchasers, pursuant to Section 1.2(c).
Loan Pool means an account established and administered by a lending institution that contains contributions from the HPL fund, funds from participating lending institution(s), and may include funds from private and federal agencies.
Loan Pool means the pool of Lease Financing Loans extended by the Lender to the Borrower from the cut-off date of the last Securitization of Lease Financing Loans until the cut-off date of the next Securitization; provided that all Lease Financing Loans extended by the Lender to the Borrower during the period from the Start Date to the cut-off date of the initial Securitization shall be the Initial Loan Pool.