Each Loan Sample Clauses

Each Loan. The obligation of the Lender to make any Loan shall be subject to initial compliance with Section 4.1 and 4.2 herein and also subject to satisfaction of the following conditions that at the date of making such Loan, and after giving effect thereto: (a) no Event of Default shall have occurred and continue to exist, and (b) each representation and warranty set forth in Section 3 above is true and correct as if then made.
Each Loan. In addition to the conditions precedent stated elsewhere herein, the Lender shall not be obligated to make any Loan unless:
Each Loan. Each Loan made by Lenders hereunder shall, at the Requesting Borrower's option in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, be either in the form of a Prime Rate Loan or a LIBOR Loan. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, each Loan shall bear interest on the sum of the unpaid principal balance thereof outstanding on each day from the date when made, continued or converted until such Loan shall have been fully repaid at a rate per annum equal to the Prime Rate, as the same may fluctuate on a daily basis, or the Adjusted LIBOR, as the case may be, plus the Applicable Margin. Interest on each Loan funded hereunder shall be due and payable by the Requesting Borrower in arrears on each Interest Payment Date, with all accrued but unpaid interest on such Loan being due and payable on the date such Loan is repaid, whether by prepayment or at maturity, and with all accrued but unpaid interest being due and payable by the Requesting Borrower on the Maturity Date for such Loan. Each Advance made by a Lender as part of a Loan hereunder and all repayments of principal with respect to such Advance shall be evidenced by notations made by such Lender on the books and records of such Lender; provided, however, that the failure by such Lender to make such notations shall not limit or otherwise affect the obligations of any Borrower with respect to the repayments of principal or payments of interest on any Advance or Loan. The aggregate unpaid amount of each Advance set forth on the books and records of a Lender shall be presumptive evidence of such Lender's Pro Rata Share of the principal amount owing and unpaid by any Borrower under its Note.
Each Loan. The obligation of the Lender to make each Loan is subject to the satisfaction of the following conditions:
Each Loan. (i) represents the valid and legally binding obligation of the obligor, maker, co-maker, guarantor, endorser or debtor (such person referred to as an “Obligor”) thereunder, and is evidenced by legal, valid and binding instruments executed by the Obligor. Seller has no knowledge that any such Obligor at the time of such execution lacked capacity to contract, and any signature on any Loan Documents is the true original or facsimile signature of the Obligor on the Loan involved;
Each Loan. The Lender shall not be required to make any Loan (other than a Loan that, after giving effect thereto and to the application of the proceeds thereof, does not increase the aggregate amount of outstanding Loans), unless on the applicable Borrowing Date: (i) there exists no Default or Unmatured Default; (ii) the representations and warranties contained in Article V are true and correct as of such Borrowing Date except to the extent any such representation or warranty is stated to relate solely to an earlier date, in which case such representation or warranty shall be true and correct on and as of such earlier date; and (iii) all legal matters incident to the making of such Loan shall be satisfactory to the Lender and its counsel. Each Borrowing Notice with respect to each such Loan shall constitute a representation and warranty by the Borrower that the conditions contained in Sections 4.2(i) and (ii) have been satisfied. The Lender may require a duly completed compliance certificate as a condition to making a Loan.
Each Loan. In addition, the Lenders will not be obligated to fund any Loan unless at the time of such funding (a) the representations and warranties made in the Loan Papers (other than pursuant to Section 3.4(b), which representation shall only be made as of the date of the initial extension of credit) are true and correct in all material respects (except to the extent that the representations and warranties speak to a specific date), (b) no Default or Event of Default shall have occurred and shall be continuing, (c) the funding of such Loan is permitted by Law, and (d) if requested by the Administrative Agent or the Majority Lenders, the Borrower shall have delivered to the Administrative Agent evidence substantiating any of the matters contained in this Agreement which are necessary to enable the Borrower to qualify for such Loan. Each Borrowing by the Borrower hereunder shall constitute a representation and warranty by the Borrower as of the date of such extension of credit that the conditions contained in this Section 4.2 shall have been satisfied.