Purchases Sample Clauses

Purchases. (1) The Transfer Agent shall receive orders and payment for the purchase of Shares and, establish accounts in the Fund for the purchasers of the Fund’s Shares (i.e., Shareholders) on the Transfer Agent’s recordkeeping system and record the initial purchase by such Shareholders in the Fund, which are received in good order ("Good Purchase Orders") according to the then current processing guidelines of the Transfer Agent, as the same may be changed from time to time upon provision of a revised version thereof to the administrator of the Fund (the "Processing Guidelines"), and promptly deliver the payments received therefor to the custodian of the relevant Fund (the "Custodian"), for credit to the account of such Fund. The Transfer Agent shall notify each Custodian, on a daily basis, of the total amount of Good Purchase Orders received. Orders which are not Good Purchase Orders will be promptly rejected by the Transfer Agent, absent Proper Instructions to the contrary, and the Shareholder or would-be Shareholder, as applicable, will be promptly notified of such action.
Purchases. Without the prior written consent of Lender, no materials, machinery, equipment, fixtures or any other part of the Repairs or Capital Replacements will be purchased or installed under conditional sale contracts or lease agreements, or any other arrangement wherein title to such Repairs or Capital Replacements is retained or subjected to a purchase money security interest, or the right is reserved or accrues to anyone to remove or repossess any such Repairs or Capital Replacements, or to consider them as personal property.
Purchases. (1) The Company shall receive orders and payment for the purchase of shares and promptly deliver payment and appropriate documentation therefore to the custodian of the relevant Fund, (the "Custodian"). The Company shall notify the Fund and the Custodian on a daily basis of the total amount of orders and payments so delivered.
Purchases. The Issuer or any Subsidiary of the Issuer may at any time purchase Notes (provided that, in the case of definitive Notes, all unmatured Receipts, Coupons and Talons appertaining thereto are purchased therewith) at any price in the open market or otherwise. Such Notes may be held, reissued, resold or, at the option of the Issuer, surrendered to any Paying Agent for cancellation.
Purchases. All orders received by Insurance Company by 4:00 p.m. on a Business Day and communicated to the Transfer Agent by the 8:00 a.m. deadline shall be treated by the Transfer Agent as if received as of the close of trading on the Trade Date and the Transfer Agent will therefore execute orders at the net asset values determined as of the close of trading on the Trade Date. Insurance Company will initiate payment by wire transfer to a custodial account designated by the Funds for the aggregate purchase amounts prior to 4:00 p.m. Eastern time on the next Business Day following Trade Date.
Purchases. W&R shall provide Company written purchase instructions for wire transfers to the custodian for the applicable Portfolios. Company shall wire the purchase price for each purchase order in accordance with said instructions so that the funds are received by the applicable Portfolio’s custodian by no later than close of business on the next Business Day following the Trade Date and Company shall use its best efforts so that such funds are provided to the Portfolio’s custodian by 1:00 p.m. Central Time. Company agrees that if it or its Agents fails to provide funds to the Portfolio’s custodian as set forth above, then at the option of W&R or Ivy Funds VIP, (A) the transaction may be cancelled, or (B) the transaction may be processed at the next-determined net asset value for the applicable Portfolio after purchase order funds are received. In such event, Company shall indemnify and hold harmless W&R, Ivy Funds VIP and the Portfolios from any liabilities, costs and damages any may suffer as a result of such failure to provide funds in accordance with such deadline.
Purchases. Upon receipt of Proper Instructions, and insofar as cash is available for the purpose, pay for and receive all securities purchased for the account of a Portfolio, payment being made only upon receipt of the securities by Provident (or any bank, banking firm, responsible commercial agent or trust company doing business in the United States and appointed pursuant to paragraph 7C hereof as Provident's agent or Subcustodian for this purpose) registered as provided in paragraph 4E heretofore in form for transfer satisfactory to Provident, or, in the case of repurchase agreements entered into between a Portfolio and a bank or a dealer, delivery of the securities either in certificate form or through an entry crediting Provident's account at the Federal Reserve Bank with such securities, or, upon receipt by Provident of a facsimile copy of a letter of understanding with respect to a time deposit account of a Portfolio signed by any bank, whether domestic or foreign, and pursuant to Proper Instructions from the Fund, for transfer to the time deposit account of the Portfolio in such bank; such transfer may be effected prior to receipt of a confirmation from a broker and/or the applicable bank. All securities accepted by Provident shall be accompanied by payment of, or a "due bill" for, any dividends, interest or other distributions of the issuer due the purchaser. In any and every case of a purchase of securities for the account of a Portfolio where payment is made by Provident in advance of receipt of the securities purchased, Provident shall be absolutely liable to the Fund and its Portfolios for such securities to the same extent as if the securities had been received by Provident, except that in the case of repurchase agreements entered into by a Portfolio with a bank which is a member of the Federal Reserve System, Provident may transfer funds to the account of such bank prior to the receipt of written evidence that the securities subject to such repurchase agreement have been transferred by book-entry into a segregated nonproprietary account of Provident maintained with the Federal Reserve Bank of Cincinnati, provided that such securities have in fact been so transferred by book-entry; provided, further, however, that Provident and the Fund agree to use their best efforts to ensure receipt by Provident of copies of documentation for each such transaction as promptly as possible.
Purchases. Provided the Account contains sufficient funds, Custodian shall settle purchases by charging the Account with the amount necessary to make the purchase and effecting payment to the seller or broker for the Securities as provided in this subparagraph and as provided herein. Custodian shall have no liability of any kind to any person, including Principal, if Custodian is unable to settle a purchase or sale because the Account does not contain sufficient funds, or if Custodian effects payment on behalf of the Account, and the settler or broker specified by Manager fails to deliver the Securities purchased. Custodian shall exercise such ordinary care and diligence as would be employed by a reasonably prudent custodian in examining and verifying the certificates or other indicia of ownership of the Securities purchased before accepting them, except with respect to assets described in Paragraph 7.7.
Purchases. Material purchased shall be charged at the price paid by Operator after deduction of all discounts received. In case of Material found to be defective or returned to vendor for any other reasons, credit shall be passed to the Joint Account when adjustment has been received by the Operator.