To zero definition

To zero means to adjust an instrument so it gives a zero response to a zero calibration standard, such as purified nitrogen or purified air for measuring concentrations of emission constituents;
To zero means to adjust an instrument in a manner that it gives a zero response to a zero calibration standard, such as purified nitrogen or purified air;
To zero means striving for zero carbon and waste emissions, and “from zero” expresses the company’s ambition to enter new fields. “To zero” encompasses the concept of a safe and comfortable environment, and “from zero” expresses the company’s desire to offer excitement and contribute to a sustainable society and to continue to strive to improve corporate value.

Examples of To zero in a sentence

  • To zero a CT (using 78 volts from its transmitter) by the voltmeter method, use the following procedure:1.

  • After a motion is read or stated by the Mayor or the Chair, it shall be deemed to be in possession of Council, but may, with the permission of Council, be withdrawn at any time before decision or amendment.

  • To zero the device, press the Zero button while the sensor is not in range of a sample.

  • To zero the device, the pDR was turned on, and the pDR zero calibration was run by selecting “yes” to the calibration upon starting the unit.

  • To zero in on the impact of losing insurance on the 19th birthday, the remaining analysis will focus on individuals who are most likely to lose private insurance coverage, rather than public insurance, given the results above.

  • Operating Power Factor Range: The meter shall work satisfactorily over a power factor range of zero lag To unity To zero lead.

  • To zero a TX, CX or TR using a synchro tester, use the following procedure:1.

  • To zero out all claim linesPick an adjustment type that has the opposite sign of the claim line balances.

  • To zero trim the transmitter, first close the isolate valve on the low pressure (downstream) side of the transmitter and the vent valve.

  • To zero out the trip odometer, press and release the RESET control on theupper left side of the speedometer while the trip odometer is displayed.

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To zero means to adjust an instrument so it gives a zero response to a zero calibration standard];

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