Consumer Affairs Sample Clauses

Consumer Affairs. The parties agree that Enhanced Industrial Disability leave benefits as set forth in the criteria under this section, shall apply to the classification of Inspectors, Department of Consumer Affairs and Program Representative, Bureau of Automotive Repair, who suffers an injury as a result of an assault while performing said duties of the above referenced classifications.
Consumer Affairs. Following the Closing Date, the Seller agrees to ---------------- refer all consumer calls relating to the products of the Business to a toll-free consumer telephone number identified by the Buyer.

Related to Consumer Affairs

  • Business Development Provide advice and assistance in business growth and development of Party B. 业务发展。对乙方的业务发展提供建议和协助。

  • Skills Development The Company acknowledges the changing pace of technology in the electrical contracting industry and the need for employees to understand those changes and have the necessary skill requirements to keep the Company at the forefront of the industry. The Parties to this Agreement recognise that in order to increase the efficiency, productivity and competitiveness of the Company, a commitment to training and skill development is required. Accordingly, the parties commit themselves to:

  • General Management In the discharge of its general duty to manage the successful performance of the Services, Vendor shall:

  • Regulatory Affairs Development and production of medical products and processes fall under the purview of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and research on these products involving animal or human studies is regulated by other laws, directives, and regulations. Project Awards under this Agreement that involve work in support of or related to FDA regulatory approval will address contingencies for Government access to regulatory rights in the event of product development abandonment or failure. Efforts conducted under this OTA shall be done ethically and in accordance with all applicable laws, directives, and regulations. The Government shall ensure performance includes regulatory expertise and guidance for candidate medical countermeasure development efforts:

  • Consumer Rights Care has been taken to use plain language and to give clear explanations in these terms and conditions. If any words alone or in combination infringe consumer rights laws or any other provision of law, they shall be treated as severable and shall be replaced with words which give as near the original meaning as may be fair. Nothing in these terms and conditions affects the Parents' statutory rights.

  • Consumer Protection The Parties will enter into close cooperation aimed at achieving compatibility between their systems of consumer protection. This cooperation may include the exchange of information on legislative work and institutional reform, establishment of permanent systems of mutual information on dangerous products, the improvement of information provided to consumers especially on prices, characteristics of products and services offered, the development of exchanges between the consumer interest representatives, and increasing the compatibility of consumer protection policies, and the organisation of seminars and training periods.

  • Professional Development 9.01 Continuous professional development is a hallmark of professional nursing practice. As a self-regulating profession, nursing recognizes the importance of maintaining a dynamic practice environment which includes ongoing learning, the maintenance of competence, career development, career counselling and succession planning. The parties agree that professional development includes a diverse range of activities, including but not limited to formal academic programs; short-term continuing education activities; certification programs; independent learning committee participation. The parties recognize their joint responsibility in and commitment to active participation in the area of professional development.

  • Staff Development ‌ The County and the Association agree that the County retains full authority to determine training needs, resources that can be made available, and the method of payment for training authorized by the County. Nothing in this subsection shall preclude the right of an employee to request specific training.

  • PROCUREMENT ETHICS CONTRACTOR understands that a person who is interested in any way in the sale of any supplies, services, construction, or insurance to the DISTRICT is violating the law if the person gives or offers to give any compensation, gratuity, contribution, loan or reward, or any promise thereof to any person acting as a procurement officer on behalf of the DISTRICT, or who in any official capacity participates in the procurement of such supplies, services, construction, or insurance, whether it is given for their own use or for the use or benefit of any other person or organization. (U.C.A. § 63G-6a-2404.7).

  • Training and Professional Development C. Maintain written program procedures covering these six (6) core activities. All procedures shall be consistent with the requirements of this Contract.