Public Information Sample Clauses

Public Information. At any time during the period commencing from the six (6) month anniversary of the Initial Closing Date and ending at such time that all of the Securities, if a registration statement is not available for the resale of all of the Securities, may be sold without restriction or limitation pursuant to Rule 144 and without the requirement to be in compliance with Rule 144(c)(1), if the Company shall (i) fail for any reason to satisfy the requirements of Rule 144(c)(1), including, without limitation, the failure to satisfy the current public information requirement under Rule 144(c) or (ii) if the Company has ever been an issuer described in Rule 144(i)(1)(i) or becomes such an issuer in the future, and the Company shall fail to satisfy any condition set forth in Rule 144(i)(2) (a “Public Information Failure”) then, as partial relief for the damages to any holder of Securities by reason of any such delay in or reduction of its ability to sell the Securities (which remedy shall not be exclusive of any other remedies available at law or in equity), the Company shall pay to each such holder an amount in cash equal to two percent (2.0%) of the aggregate Purchase Price of such holder’s Securities on the day of a Public Information Failure and on every thirtieth day (pro rated for periods totaling less than thirty days) thereafter until the earlier of (i) the date such Public Information Failure is cured and (ii) such time that such public information is no longer required pursuant to Rule 144. The payments to which a holder shall be entitled pursuant to this Section 4(o) are referred to herein as “Public Information Failure Payments.” Public Information Failure Payments shall be paid on the earlier of (I) the last day of the calendar month during which such Public Information Failure Payments are incurred and (II) the third Business Day after the event or failure giving rise to the Public Information Failure Payments is cured. In the event the Company fails to make Public Information Failure Payments in a timely manner, such Public Information Failure Payments shall bear interest at the rate of 1.5% per month (prorated for partial months) until paid in full.
Public Information. A. PROVIDER acknowledges that A&M System is obligated to strictly comply with the Public Information Act, Chapter 552, Texas Government Code, in responding to any request for public information pertaining to this Agreement, as well as any other disclosure of information required by applicable Texas law.
Public Information. Except as stated below, all materials submitted to H-GAC, including any attachments, appendices, or other information submitted as a part of a submission or Agreement, are considered public information, and become the property of H-GAC upon submission and may be reprinted, published, or distributed in any manner by H-GAC according to open records laws, requirements of the US Department of Labor and the State of Texas, and H-GAC policies and procedures. In the event the Contractor wishes to claim portions of the response are not subject to the Texas Public Information Act, it shall so; however, the determination of the Texas Attorney General as to whether such information must be disclosed upon a public request shall be binding on the Contractor. H-GAC will request such a determination only if Contractor bears all costs for preparation of the submission. H-GAC is not responsible for the return of creative examples of work submitted. H-GAC will not be held accountable if material from submissions is obtained without the written consent of the contractor by parties other than H-GAC, at any time during the evaluation process.
Public Information. University strictly adheres to all statutes, court decisions and the opinions of the Texas Attorney General with respect to disclosure of public information under the Texas Public Information Act (TPIA), Chapter 552, Texas Government Code. In accordance with §§552.002 and 2252.907, Texas Government Code, and at no additional charge to University, Contractor will make any information created or exchanged with University pursuant to this Agreement (and not otherwise exempt from disclosure under TPIA) available in a format reasonably requested by University that is accessible by the public.
Public Information. The Borrower hereby acknowledges that certain of the Lenders (each, a “Public Lender”) may have personnel who do not wish to receive material non-public information with respect to the Borrower or its Affiliates, or the respective securities of any of the foregoing, and who may be engaged in investment and other market-related activities with respect to such Persons’ securities. The Borrower hereby agrees that it will use commercially reasonable efforts to identify that portion of the materials and information provided by or on behalf of the Borrower hereunder and under the other Loan Documents (collectively, “Borrower Materials”) that may be distributed to the Public Lenders and that (i) all such Borrower Materials shall be clearly and conspicuously marked “PUBLIC,” which, at a minimum, shall mean that the word “PUBLIC” shall appear prominently on the first page thereof; (ii) by marking Borrower Materials “PUBLIC,” the Borrower shall be deemed to have authorized the Administrative Agent and the Lenders to treat such Borrower Materials as not containing any material non-public information with respect to the Borrower or its securities for purposes of U.S. federal and state securities Laws (provided, however, that to the extent that such Borrower Materials constitute Information, they shall be subject to Section 11.12); (iii) all Borrower Materials marked “PUBLIC” are permitted to be made available through a portion of the Platform designated “Public Side Information;” and (iv) the Administrative Agent shall be entitled to treat any Borrower Materials that are not marked “PUBLIC” as being suitable only for posting on a portion of the Platform not designated “Public Side Information”. Each Public Lender will designate one or more representatives that shall be permitted to receive information that is not designated as being available for Public Lenders. Notwithstanding the foregoing, financial statements and related documentation, in each case, provided pursuant to Section 5.01(a) or 5.01(b) shall be deemed to be marked “PUBLIC”, unless the Parent notifies the Administrative Agent promptly that any such document contains material non-public information.
Public Information. This Master Contract and all related documents are subject to public disclosure as required by Washington’s Public Records Act, RCW chapter 42.56.
Public Information. Obligors and Secured Parties acknowledge that “public” information may not be segregated from material non-public information on the Platform. Secured Parties acknowledge that Borrower Materials may include Obligors’ material non-public information, and should not be made available to personnel who do not wish to receive such information or may be engaged in investment or other market-related activities with respect to an Obligor’s securities.
Public Information. Contractor agrees that the Contract, related purchase orders, related pricing documents, and invoices will be public documents and may be available for public and private distribution in accordance with the State of Utah’s Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA). Contractor gives the Department and the State of Utah permission to make copies of the Contract, related sales orders, related pricing documents, and invoices in accordance with GRAMA. Except for sections identified in writing by Contractor and expressly approved by the State of Utah Division of Purchasing and General Services, Contractor also agrees that Contractor’s Proposal to the Solicitation will be a public document, and copies may be given to the public as permitted under GRAMA. The Department and the State of Utah are not obligated to inform Contractor of any GRAMA requests for disclosure of the Contract, related purchase orders, related pricing documents, or invoices.