Project Timelines Sample Clauses

Project Timelines. The proposed Phase I timeline encompasses [***].
Project Timelines. The project timeline is provided in annex to this summary document.
Project Timelines. See Form AXxxxx Chart ANNEX A FORM A - XXXXX CHART PROPONENT NAME: Migenix Inc. PROJECT NUMBER: 7720-488039
Project Timelines. The project would be deemed to have commenced on the date of signing of contract. The stage 2 of the deliverables should be completed within 60 days of the commencement of the project.
Project Timelines. The current project work-plan to evaluate the [**] Candidate Antigens will be completed within approximately [**] with the proposed level of resource below. A Gxxxx chart outlining the main tasks and associated timelines follows. [**] The Gxxxx chart assumes that full preclinical testing [**] will be performed for a maximum of [**] candidates, to allow for an attrition rate of those candidates that are deprioritised during the evaluation process, for instance if the [**].
Project Timelines. The project shall last for 6 months from the date of signing the contract. The client and contractor shall review the terms of the contract based on the performance after 3 months. The detailed timelines for the project shall be contained in the project plan. The client shall approve the project plan presented by the contractor before its effective use.
Project Timelines. The consultants will be asked to produce of first draft of the above deliverables within a four-week period. The consultants will asked to submit a final draft of their deliverables two weeks after receiving feedback from the Signatories on the first drafts. Schedule “G” Caribou Action Planning Priorities (CBFA Cross Reference: Goal 3, Section 7(c)) Objective: Advocate that caribou action plans be developed in accordance with the prioritization of herds described below. Approach: Priorities for caribou action planning will be assessed on a rolling basis (i.e., Xxxxx 0 xxxxx, Xxxxx 0 herds) until all of the herds (see appendix x for list of herds that intersect with FPAC tenures) have completed CBFA caribou action plans. Initial priorities (Phase 1 herds) are identified as follows:
Project Timelines. The projected start of this Scope of Work is April 15, 2016 and expected completion date is June 30th, 2016. Confidential and Proprietary Information of Ventana and Blueprint Medicines Assay for Clinical Study Ventana will be responsible for manufacture of the assay components required for analysis of samples obtained from the Clinical Study. Based upon a forecast provided to Ventana by Blueprint, Ventana will ensure that it maintains sufficient inventories of assay reagents as necessary to complete conduct of the Clinical Study. Ventana will also ensure that it has sufficient staff trained on the performance of the assay and will monitor the performance of the assay in connection with the Clinical Study. Project Management Ventana will assign dedicated personnel who will ensure project management and data quality. Payment Terms: Invoiced monthly after completion of sample analysis. For the avoidance of doubt, Blueprint Medicines will only be charged for the actual, not estimated, services performed as described herein. All invoices should contain the following information in order for them to be processed efficiently: Invoice Number Invoice Date Reference to <agreed to reference point> Blueprint Medicines, Purchase Order Number (PO#) Blueprint Medicines, Project Number <may be redundant> Description of Services with Itemization: Stage and milestone identifications Deliverables Total Amount Due Payee Name and Tax ID Number Payment Address Name of requisitioner Contact person for any invoice questions Additionally, invoices shall be submitted to Blueprint at the following email address: […***…]. All Invoices will be paid by Blueprint Medicines as follows: Credit DDA Name: Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. Tax Payer ID#: […***…] Address: […***…] Credit Bank: […***…] Credit Bank address […***…] Credit ABA: […***…] Credit: DDA […***…] Citi SWIFT Code: […***…] Pass Through Expenses The following expenses will be billed as needed and agreed by the parties: Tissue Acquisition: This work does not require tissue acquisition by Ventana. Other: Any unforeseen project related expenses incurred by Ventana will be discussed in good faith by the Parties and agreed to prior to Ventana submitting to Blueprint invoices due for reimbursement. Confidential and Proprietary Information of Ventana and Blueprint Medicines Roles and Responsibilities: Though subject to change based on employment, the initial companiesrepresentatives will be: Name Tide Phone & Fax Address Email Addres...
Project Timelines. Manufacturer will provide Merck with the Services within the Project Timelines indicated in Schedule 5 (“Project Timelines”). Table 1 of Schedule 5 indicates some binding timelines to be complied with by Manufacturer and Table 2 of Schedule 5 indicates some indicative timelines, which will be further discussed and agreed upon by the Parties. In case Manufacturer does not comply with a binding Project Timeline or does not use Commercially Reasonable Efforts to comply with an agreed indicative timeline, Merck, without prejudice to Sections 9.8 and 9.9 as applicable, may either request the payment of a late performance penalty in accordance with Section 5.6 (where applicable) and/or terminate this Agreement in accordance with ARTICLE 19.
Project Timelines. Phase 1: April 2018 Form a hiring committee and hire an Age Friendly Coordinator Hire web developer to create Age Friendly website Develop System Navigation Print Resource content Develop strategies to reach volunteer organizations and local businesses to promote volunteering in the community Create a communication plan to determine how to reach seniors in the community and targeting areas May to July 2018 Develop and distribute survey to seniors to gain understanding of community needs Develop web portal Conduct information sessions on local transportation options Collaborate with the Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging to launch a community based Tiered Exercise Program (TEP) Create a marketing plan to help increase volunteering in Sarnia August to September 2018 Establish community partners that serve seniors to assist in the distribution of the Print Resource Reach out to other Age-Friendly Communities regarding hosts, guests and key note speakers for summit TEP training workshops for support workers on how to embed the TEP program in their home support routines. Phase 2: October 2018 Print and begin distribution of Print Resource Create Age Friendly Summit materials and agenda November 2018 Host an Age-Friendly Summit to inform the community about Age- friendly Sarnia December 2018 Build Age Friendly Web Portal for the City of Sarnia January 2019 Select web portal model by evaluating Province of Ontario portals and other communities February 2019 Evaluate the effectiveness of the TEP intervention for helping clients maintain independence in the home Develop strategies to reach volunteer organizations and local businesses to promote volunteering in the community using technologies such as webinars to maximize reach March 2019 Launch web portal Evaluate effectiveness of Print Resource Complete a "report card" to help other communities with their own age-friendly initiatives Share information using Provincial and WHO platforms Ongoing: Promote web portal, distribute print resource and information to seniors, implement marketing plan and promote age-friendly volunteerism and businesses. SCHEDULE “D” BUDGET Budget Anticipated Costs Age-Friendly Coordinator $57,000.00 Age-Friendly Web Portal $25,000.00 Age-Friendly Resource Tool $6,000.00 Promote transportation options seniors $1,300.00 Build Tiered Exercise Program $30,000.00 Promote volunteering and employment in Sarnia $5,000.00 Host Age-Friendly Summit $2,500.00 Mileage for coordinator $1,000.00 Tota...