Project Management Services Sample Clauses

Project Management Services. Contractor shall provide business analysis and project management services necessary to ensure technical projects successfully meet the objectives for which they were undertaken. Following are characteristics of this Service:
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Project Management Services. New World shall act as Project Manager to assist Customer’s management in implementing the Exhibit A software. This responsibility will include documenting, coordinating and managing the overall Implementation Plan with Customer’s management and the Customer Liaison. Project Management Services include:
Project Management Services. 1.1 The Acquisition Provider shall negotiate the scope of services for each Work Authorization and meet the following criteria:
Project Management Services. We shall act as Project Manager to assist you in implementing the Tyler Software. Project Management Services include:
Project Management Services. FreeMarkets will conduct a series of online and offline industrial market making project(s) (also known as sourcing project(s)) for the purposes of assisting United to achieve savings and supplier consolidation for purchased components and materials used in United's products, as identified by United from time to time. FreeMarkets will provide overall project management for these projects utilizing either the following FreeMarkets' market making process, organized into five phases, or the United sourcing process set forth in Exhibit J attached hereto which is similar to the FreeMarkets process except that the United process does not include CBEs and related online industrial sourcing services:
Project Management Services. In support of delivering IMAC Services, Supplier will provide project management for the Supplier responsibilities in this Attachment D from *. The objective of this task is to establish a framework for project communications, reporting, procedural and contractual activities and to coordinate the delivery and completion of IMAC Services from each Supplier organization under this Attachment D. Supplier will appoint a Customer Service Manager (who shall also be considered the Supplier Project Manager for this Attachment D), subject to Gap’s approval, who will serve as Gap’s primary point of contact for the IMAC Services. The Customer Service Manager will be responsible for communicating and coordinating with Gap with regard to aspects of the IMAC Services, scheduling and organizing * service review meetings between Supplier and Gap, managing the preparation and presentation to Gap of each of the Deliverables listed in Section 1.6 (Deliverables) and otherwise managing and administering Supplier’s performance of the IMAC Services. Supplier will provide * written notice for changes of the Supplier Customer Service Manager. The Supplier Customer Service Manager will not be removed until a replacement is in place and trained. Supplier will not transfer the Customer Service Manager at a time or in a manner that would have a material adverse impact on delivery of the IMAC Services.
Project Management Services. Contractor will lead a structured delivery methodology that includes project initiation, project organization, budget and scope management, cost and schedule management, change control, quality assurance, stakeholder communication, issues management, risk management and status reporting.
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Project Management Services. Meytav will assist in management of the Approved Project, including providing the following in accordance with the needs of the Company:
Project Management Services. 2.1 Firm Fixed Pricing The Work described in Section 2 (Program Management) and Section 7.2 (Construction Management) of Exhibit B (SOW) (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Project Management Services") will be priced on a firm fixed price basis and is included in the per Site price determined in accordance with the table set forth in Section 2.1.1 below (the "Project Management Fixed Price Amount").
Project Management Services. 1) IBM will assign a Project Manager who will provide project management services, as identified on the Order Form, or in a planning document to lead the planning and implementation of the Services. Services will begin following a project initiation phone call or email
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