Participation Sample Clauses

Participation. No Employee will have the right to be selected to receive an award under this Plan, or, having been so selected, to be selected to receive a future award.

Participation. Subject to the provisions of the Plan, the Committee may, from time to time, select from among all eligible individuals, those to whom Awards shall be granted and shall determine the nature and amount of each Award. No individual shall have any right to be granted an Award pursuant to this Plan.

Participation. The Holder, as the holder of this Note, shall be entitled to receive such dividends paid and distributions made to the holders of Common Stock to the same extent as if the Holder had converted this Note into Common Stock (without regard to any limitations on conversion herein or elsewhere) and had held such shares of Common Stock on the record date for such dividends and distributions. Payments under the preceding sentence shall be made concurrently with the dividend or distribution to the holders of Common Stock.

Participation. If the Company at any time proposes to file a Registration Statement under the Securities Act or to conduct a Public Offering with respect to any offering of its equity securities for its own account or for the account of any other Persons (other than (i) a Registration under Sections 3.1 or 3.2, (ii) a Registration on Form S-4 or Form S-8 or any successor form to such forms or (iii) a Registration of securities solely relating to an offering and sale to employees or directors of the Company or its subsidiaries pursuant to any employee stock plan or other employee benefit plan arrangement), then, as soon as practicable (but in no event less than ten (10) Business Days prior to the proposed date of filing of such Registration Statement or, in the case of a Public Offering under a Shelf Registration Statement, the anticipated pricing or trade date), the Company shall give written notice (a “Piggyback Notice”) of such proposed filing or Public Offering to all Holders, and such Piggyback Notice shall offer the Holder the opportunity to register under such Registration Statement, or to sell in such Public Offering, such number of Registrable Securities as each such Holder may request in writing (a “Piggyback Registration”). Subject to Section 3.3.2, the Company shall include in such Registration Statement or in such Public Offering as applicable, all such Registrable Securities that are requested to be included therein within five (5) Business Days after the receipt by such Holder of any such notice; provided, however, that if at any time after giving written notice of its intention to register or sell any securities and prior to the effective date of the Registration Statement filed in connection with such Registration, or the pricing or trade date of a Public Offering under a Shelf Registration Statement, the Company determines for any reason not to register or sell or to delay the Registration or sale of such securities, the Company shall give written notice of such determination to each Holder and, thereupon, (i) in the case of a determination not to register or sell, shall be relieved of its obligation to register or sell any Registrable Securities in connection with such Registration or Public Offering (but not from its obligation to pay the Registration Expenses in connection therewith), without prejudice, however, to the rights of any Holder entitled to request that such Registration or sale be effected as a Demand Registration under Section 3.1 or an ...

Participation. If the Partnership proposes to file (i) a registration statement or (ii) a prospectus supplement to an effective Shelf Registration Statement and Holders may be included in the offering to which such prospectus supplement relates without the filing of a post-effective amendment to such Shelf Registration Statement, in each case, for the sale of Common Units in an Underwritten Offering for its own account and/or another Person, then as soon as practicable following the engagement of counsel by the Partnership to prepare the documents to be used in connection with such Underwritten Offering, the Partnership shall give notice (including notification by electronic mail) of such proposed Underwritten Offering to each Holder holding at least five percent (5%) of the then-outstanding Registrable Securities and such notice shall offer such Holders the opportunity to include in such Underwritten Offering such number of Registrable Securities (the “Included Registrable Securities”) as each such Holder may request in writing; provided, however, that if the Partnership has been advised by the Managing Underwriter(s) that the inclusion of Registrable Securities for sale for the benefit of the Holders will have an adverse effect on the price, timing or distribution of the Common Units in the Underwritten Offering, then (A) if no Registrable Securities can be included in the Underwritten Offering in the opinion of the Managing Underwriter(s), the Partnership shall not be required to offer such opportunity to the Holders or (B) if any Registrable Securities can be included in the Underwritten Offering in the opinion of the Managing Underwriter(s), then the amount of Registrable Securities to be offered for the accounts of Holders shall be determined based on the provisions of Section 2.03(b). Subject to Section 2.03(b), the Partnership shall include in such Underwritten Offering all included Registrable Securities with respect to which the Partnership has received requests within two (2) Business Days (or one (1) Business Day in connection with a “bought deal” or an “overnight” Underwritten Offering) after the Partnership’s notice has been delivered in accordance with Section 3.01. If no written request for inclusion from a Holder is received within the specified time, each such Holder shall have no further right to participate in such Underwritten Offering. If, at any time after giving written notice of its intention to undertake an Underwritten Offering and prior to ...

Participation. Participation in the Plan shall be open to all employees, officers, and directors of, and other individuals providing bona fide services to or for, the Company, or of any Affiliate of the Company, as may be selected by the Administrator from time to time. The Administrator may also grant Awards to individuals in connection with hiring, retention or otherwise, prior to the date the individual first performs services for the Company or an Affiliate, provided that such Awards shall not become vested or exercisable, and no shares shall be issued to such individual, prior to the date the individual first commences performance of such services.

Participation. An Eligible Employee may participate in the Plan by (i) submitting to the Company’s stock administration office (or its designee), on or before a date determined by the Administrator prior to an applicable Enrollment Date, a properly completed subscription agreement authorizing Contributions in the form provided by the Administrator for such purpose, or (ii) following an electronic or other enrollment procedure determined by the Administrator.

Participation. An employee eligible on the first day of a Plan Period of any Offering may participate in such Offering by completing and forwarding either a written or electronic payroll deduction authorization form to the employee’s appropriate payroll office at least 15 days prior to the commencement of the applicable Plan Period. The form will authorize a regular payroll deduction from the Compensation received by the employee during the Plan Period. Unless an employee files a new form or withdraws from the Plan, his or her deductions and purchases will continue at the same rate for future Offerings under the Plan as long as the Plan remains in effect. The term “Compensation” means the amount of money reportable on the employee’s Federal Income Tax Withholding Statement, excluding overtime, shift premium, incentive or bonus awards, allowances and reimbursements for expenses such as relocation allowances for travel expenses, income or gains associated with the grant or vesting of restricted stock, income or gains on the exercise of Company stock options or stock appreciation rights, and similar items, whether or not shown or separately identified on the employee’s Federal Income Tax Withholding Statement, but including, in the case of salespersons, sales commissions to the extent determined by the Board or the Committee.

Participation. The Committee in its discretion shall designate each Employee or Independent Contractor who is eligible to participate in the Plan. A Participant who separates from Service with the Employer and who later returns to Service will not be an Active Participant under the Plan except upon satisfaction of such terms and conditions as the Committee shall establish upon the Participant’s return to Service, whether or not the Participant shall have a balance remaining in the Deferred Compensation Account under the Plan on the date of the return to Service.

Participation. Participation in the Plan shall be limited to those directors (including Non-Employee Directors), officers (including non-employee officers) and employees of, and other individuals performing services for, or to whom an offer of employment has been extended by, the Company and its Subsidiaries selected by the Committee (including participants located outside the United States). Nothing in the Plan or in any Grant thereunder shall confer any right on a participant to continue in the employ as a director or officer of, or in any other capacity or in the performance of services for, the Company or shall interfere in any way with the right of the Company to terminate the employment or performance of services or to reduce the compensation or responsibilities of a participant at any time. By accepting any Grant under the Plan, each participant and each person claiming under or through him or her shall be conclusively deemed to have indicated his or her acceptance and ratification of, and consent to, any action taken under the Plan by the Company, the Board or the Committee.Incentive Stock Options or Non-qualified Stock Options, SARs alone or in tandem with options, restricted stock awards, performance awards or any combination thereof may be granted to such persons and for such number of Shares as the Committee shall determine (such individuals to whom Grants are made being sometimes herein called “optionees” or “grantees,” as the case may be). Determinations made by the Committee under the Plan need not be uniform and may be made selectively among eligible individuals under the Plan, whether or not such individuals are similarly situated. A Grant of any type made hereunder in any one year to an eligible participant shall neither guarantee nor preclude a further Grant of that or any other type to such participant in that year or subsequent years.