Principal Representative Sample Clauses

Principal Representative. The Principal will designate, prior to commencement of work, its project representative (the “Principal Representative”) who shall make, within the scope of his or her authority, all necessary and proper decisions with reference to the Scope of Services. All requests for contract interpretations, change orders, and other clarification or instruction shall be directed to the Principal Representative.
Principal Representative. NEWSOURCE appoints MARSH IAS, and MARSH IAS agrees to act as, Principal Representative of NEWSOURCE for the purposes of the Insurance Act (Bermuda), 1978 and the amendments and Regulations made thereunder (the “Insurance Act”).
Principal Representative. By approving the Merger at a special meeting of stockholders or by written consent of the stockholders (or by virtue of his, her or its signature to this Agreement), each stockholder of IntelliPrep shall have irrevocably authorized and appointed Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx (the "Principal Representative"), with full power of substitution and resubstitution, as his, her or its representative and true and lawful attorney-in-fact and agent to act in his, her or its name, place and stead as contemplated by Article 8 and to execute in the name and on behalf of such stockholder the Indemnification Escrow Agreement, the Special Liability Escrow Agreement and any other agreement, certificate, instrument or document to be delivered by the stockholders in connection with the Indemnification Escrow Agreement and the Special Liability Escrow Agreement, as applicable. In the event Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx should resign, die or otherwise become unable to act as the Principal Representative, then Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx shall become the successor Principal Representative with the same powers and duties as the former. The Principal Representative shall not have any liability to the former IntelliPrep stockholders under this Agreement, the Indemnification Escrow Agreement, or the Special Liability Escrow Agreement for or in respect of any action taken, suffered or omitted to be taken in good faith by him hereunder or thereunder.
Principal Representative. The individual in the Merchant’s organisation who coordinates or oversees the Merchant’s use of the Services and relationship with PayPal.
Principal Representative. Before the Activation Date, the Merchant shall appoint a Principal Representative, notify PayPal of the name and contact details of the Principal Representative, and provide documentation of the Principal Representative’s identification.
Principal Representative. An insurer is required to maintain a principal office in Bermuda and to appoint and maintain a principal representative in Bermuda. For the purpose of the Insurance Act, the principal office of Platinum Bermuda is at our principal executive offices in Bermuda, and Platinum Bermuda's principal representative will be our President and Chief Executive Officer. Without a reason acceptable to the Authority, an insurer may not terminate the appointment of its principal representative, and the principal representative may not cease to act as such, unless 30 days' notice in writing to the Authority is given of the intention to do so. It is the duty of the principal representative, within 30 days of reaching the view that there is a likelihood of the insurer for which the principal representative acts becoming insolvent or that a reportable "event" has, to the principal representative's knowledge, occurred or is believed to have occurred, to make a report in writing to the Authority setting out all the particulars of the case that are available to the principal representative. Examples of such a reportable "event" include failure by the insurer to comply substantially with a condition imposed upon the insurer by the Authority relating to a solvency margin or liquidity or other ratio. Independent Approved Auditor. Every registered insurer must appoint an independent auditor who will annually audit and report on the statutory financial statements and the statutory financial return of the insurer, both of which, in the case of Platinum Bermuda, are required to be filed annually with the Authority. The independent auditor of Platinum Bermuda must be approved by the Authority and may be the same person or firm which audits Platinum Bermuda's financial statements and reports for presentation to its shareholders. Platinum Bermuda's independent auditor is KPMG LLP.
Principal Representative. The term “Principal Representative ” shall be defined, as provided in § 24-30-1301(11), C.R.S., as the governing board of a state department, institution, or agency; or if there is no governing board, then the executive head of a state department, institution, or agency, as designated by the governor or the general assembly and as specifically identified in the Contract Documents, or shall have such other meaning as the term may otherwise be given in § 24-30-1301(11), C.R.S., as amended. The Principal Representative may delegate authority. The Design/Build Entity shall have the right to inquire regarding the delegated authority of any of the Principal Representative’s representatives on the Project and shall be provided with a response in writing when requested.
Principal Representative. 13 5.1 THE RESPONSIBILITIES 13 5.1.1 The Requirements 13 5.1.2 Fault or Defect 14

Related to Principal Representative

  • Authorised Representative The Issuer will notify the Dealers immediately in writing if any of the persons named in the list referred to in paragraph 3 of Part 1 of the Initial Documentation List ceases to be authorised to take action on its behalf or if any additional person becomes so authorised together, in the case of an additional authorised person, with evidence satisfactory to the Dealers that such person has been so authorised.

  • Designated Representatives (a) With the delivery of this Agreement, the Subordination Agent shall furnish to each Liquidity Provider and each Trustee, and from time to time thereafter may furnish to each Liquidity Provider and each Trustee, at the Subordination Agent’s discretion, or upon any Liquidity Provider’s or any Trustee’s request (which request shall not be made more than one time in any 12-month period), a certificate (a “Subordination Agent Incumbency Certificate”) of a Responsible Officer of the Subordination Agent certifying as to the incumbency and specimen signatures of the officers of the Subordination Agent and the attorney-in-fact and agents of the Subordination Agent (the “Subordination Agent Representatives”) authorized to give Written Notices on behalf of the Subordination Agent hereunder. Until each Liquidity Provider and each Trustee receives a subsequent Subordination Agent Incumbency Certificate, it shall be entitled to rely on the last Subordination Agent Incumbency Certificate delivered to it hereunder.

  • Partnership Representative The Members shall take all reasonable actions to avoid the application to the Company of the centralized partnership audit provisions of sections 6221 through 6241 of the Code, as amended by the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015. If, however, such provisions are found to apply to the Company, a member of the Manager or another appointed individual shall act as the Partnership Representative for the purposes of IRS Code section 6221 through 6241. In the event the member of the Manager is no longer a Member in the Company, and no other individual has been appointed as the Partnership Representative, the Partnership Representative shall be the Majority Interest owner from amongst the Members. If the Majority Member is unable or unwilling to serve, the Partnership Representative shall be appointed from amongst the remaining Members by a Majority of Interests of the Members. The Partnership Representative shall be authorized and required to represent the Company with all examinations of the Company’s affairs by tax authorities, including resulting administrative and judicial proceedings. The Partnership Representative shall have the sole authority to (1) sign consents, enter into settlement and other agreements with such authorities with respect to any such examinations or proceedings and (ii) to expend the Company’s funds for professional services incurred in connection therewith. In the event of an adjustment resulting in an underpayment of tax, the Partnership Representative shall duly and timely elect under section 6226 of the IRS Code that each Person who was a Member during the taxable year that was audited personally bear any tax, interest, addition to tax, and penalty resulting from such adjustments and, if for any reason, the Company is liable for a tax, interest, addition to tax, or penalty as a result of such an audit, each Person who was a member during the taxable year that was audited shall pay to the Company an amount equal to such Person’s proportionate share of such liability, as determined by the Manager, based on the amount each such Person should have borne (computed at the rate used to compute the Company’s liability) had the Company’s tax return for such taxable year reflected the audit adjustment. The expenses for the Company’s payment of such tax, interest, addition to tax, or penalty shall be specially allocated to such Persons in such proportions. The Partnership Representative shall have the final decision-making authority with respect to all federal income tax matters involving the Company. The Members agree to cooperate with the Partnership Representative and to do or refrain from doing any or all things reasonably required by the Partnership Representative to conduct such proceedings. Any reasonable direct out-of-pocket expense incurred by the Partnership Representative in carrying out its obligations hereunder shall be allocated to and charged to the Company as an expense of the Company for which the Partnership Representative shall be reimbursed.

  • Designated Operating Representative The Parties may also designate operating representatives to conduct the communications which may be necessary or convenient for the administration of this Agreement. This person will also serve as the point of contact with respect to operations and maintenance of the Party’s facilities. Interconnection Customer’s Operating Representative: Innovative Energy Systems Attention: Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx / Xxxxx Xxxxxx Xx 0000 Xxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxxx, XX 00000 Phone: 000-000-0000 Fax: 000-000-0000 Connecting Transmission Provider’s Operating Representative: Niagara Mohawk Power Corp d/b/a National Grid Attention: Manager – Control Center, NY 0000 Xxxxx Xxx Blvd, Bldg 3 Syracuse, NY 13202 Phone: 000-000-0000 Fax: 000-000-0000 NYISO’s Operating Representative: Attention: Vice President, Operations 0000 Xxxxxx Xx Schenectady, NY 12303 Phone: 000-000-0000 Fax: 000-000-0000

  • Representative The employee, administration or District may be represented during any step of the procedure by any person or agent designated by such party to act in his/her behalf.