Project Representative definition

Project Representative means the individual(s), including but not limited to the Resident Engineer, to whom the Authority Representative has delegated Project responsibilities. If a Project Representative is appointed, the Project Representative represents the Authority Representative on the Project within the limits of that delegation with respect to any part of the Work.
Project Representative means the County employee responsible for managing this Agreement in accordance with King County Executive Policies, Agency Project Management Manual, and the terms and conditions herein.
Project Representative means the member of a Party’s Personnel who has been designated by the Party as its representative for the purpose of all Project affairs, which may or may not include taking on the role of Work Package Leader;

Examples of Project Representative in a sentence

  • The Agency Project Representative will be designated in writing after the Contract award.

  • If Owner and Engineer agree, Engineer will furnish a Resident Project Representative to assist Engineer in providing more extensive observation of the Work.

  • As used herein, the term Resident Project Representative or “RPR” includes any assistants or field staff of Resident Project Representative.

  • The authority and responsibilities of any such Resident Project Representative and assistants will be as provided in the Supplementary Conditions, and limitations on the responsibilities thereof will be as provided in Paragraph 9.09.

  • The limitations upon authority and responsibility set forth in this Paragraph 9.09 shall also apply to the Resident Project Representative, if any, and assistants, if any.

More Definitions of Project Representative

Project Representative as used herein means the person authorized by the County to be responsible for the Allocation and is capable of making daily management decisions.
Project Representative means an individual designated by a party pursuant to Section 3.2(a). All Project Representatives of a party may be changed at any time by written notice to the other party.
Project Representative means the Project Representative designated by Owner pursuant to Section 2.1.
Project Representative means the Mayor of a City, the Chairperson of the County Board of Supervisors, the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Contractor, or another duly appointed representative. For all Project Representatives, a certified original copy of the authorizing resolution that designates the Project Representative by title, shall accompany any contract, the first payment request, and any other documents or requests required or allowed under this contract.
Project Representative means an individual appointed by each of the Partners for the purposes of the Project
Project Representative. The Project Representative designated by Owner pursuant to Section 3.1(a).