Representative Sample Clauses

Representative. The employee, administration or District may be represented during any step of the procedure by any person or agent designated by such party to act in his/her behalf.
Representative. (a) At the Effective Time, Xxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx will be constituted and appointed as the Representative, and the Representative hereby accepts such appointment. Each Indemnifying Securityholder and Indemnifying Founders, by virtue of its adoption of this Agreement and approval of the Merger, will be deemed to have appointed and constituted the Representative as their agent and true and lawful attorney-in-fact with the powers and authority as set forth in this Agreement. All such actions of the Representative taken in accordance with this Section 7.16 shall be deemed to be facts ascertainable outside the merger agreement and shall be binding on the Indemnifying Securityholders. The Representative will be the exclusive agent for and on behalf of the Indemnifying Securityholders and Indemnifying Founders to (1) enter into the Escrow Agreement; (2) give and receive notices and communications to or from Parent (on behalf of itself or any other Indemnified Person) and/or the Escrow Agent relating to this Agreement, the Escrow Agreement or any of the other documents contemplated by the Transactions; (3) authorize deliveries to Parent of cash or other property from the Escrow Funds and legally bind each Indemnifying Securityholder to pay cash directly to Parent in satisfaction of claims asserted by Parent (on behalf of itself or any other Indemnified Person, including by not objecting to such claims); (4) object to such claims in accordance with Section 7.6 and Section 7.13; (5) consent or agree to, negotiate, enter into settlements and compromises of, and demand arbitration and comply with Orders with respect to, such claims; (6) take all actions necessary or appropriate in the judgment of the Representative for the accomplishment of the foregoing, in each case without having to seek or obtain the consent of any Person under any circumstance; (7) subject to Section 6.3, execute for and on behalf of each Indemnifying Securityholder and Indemnifying Founder any amendment to this Agreement, the Escrow Agreement or any exhibit, annex or schedule hereto or thereto (including for the purpose of amending addresses or sharing percentages), (8) enter into any waiver or extension pursuant to Section 6.4 and (9) cause to be paid to the Indemnifying Securityholders any balance of the Representative Fund Amount not used in accordance with the terms of the Escrow Agreement. The Representative will be the sole and exclusive means of asserting or addressing any of the above on beha...
Representative. Each Investor hereby irrevocably appoints Legion Partners Asset Management, LLC as its attorney-in-fact and representative (the “Legion Representative”), in such Investor’s place and stead, to do any and all things and to execute any and all documents and give and receive any and all notices or instructions in connection with this Agreement and the transactions contemplated hereby. The Company shall be entitled to rely, as being binding on each Investor, upon any action taken by the Legion Representative or upon any document, notice, instruction or other writing given or executed by the Legion Representative.
Representative. An inspection of the Company’s books and records may be conducted by an authorized representative of a Member, provided such authorized representative is an attorney or a licensed certified public accountant and is reasonably satisfactory to the Manager.
Representative. The Union, administrator, or School Board may be represented during any step of the procedure and any person or agent designated by such party is authorized to act in that party’s behalf.
Representative. (b) Any notice given under this paragraph will be effective when delivered to the above authorized
Representative. Each Guarantor hereby designates Borrower Representative and its representatives and agents on its behalf for the purpose of giving and receiving all notices and other consents hereunder or under any other Financing Document and taking all other actions on behalf of such Guarantor under the Financing Documents. Borrower Representative hereby accepts such appointment.
Representative. The term "representative" as used in this Article shall be an employee or representative of the Union who at the grievant's request may be present at Levels I through III, or appear telephonically. Representation of the employee at Level IV shall be by a Union Representative only.
Representative. Contractor shall designate a representative primarily responsible for the Work under this Agreement. The designated representative shall act on behalf of Contractor with respect to all phases of the Work and shall be available as required for the benefit of any project and the Owner. The designated representative shall not be changed without prior approval of the Owner, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.
Representative. The immediate supervisor shall submit a written response to the grievant (with a copy to the F.O.P.) not later than five (5) days following the Step 1 meeting.