Permanent Sample Clauses

Permanent. When an employee is transferred outside the Bargaining Unit at the Employer's request, the employee shall be paid at straight time rates for all time necessarily spent travelling, provided:
Permanent. A permanent appointment means a full-time continuing appointment. Ordinarily, a new Lab Instructor shall be appointed to a probationary appointment. In exceptional circumstances, the appropriate Xxxx may appoint a new Lab Instructor to a permanent appointment but only after the applicant’s materials are provided to the selection committee referred to in clause 25.4.2 and it makes a recommendation to the Xxxx on the appropriateness of making such an appointment.
Permanent. When filling a vacant position with a permanent appointment, candidates will be certified for further consideration in the following manner:
Permanent. If, during the life of this Agreement, a driver’s bid area is permanently changed by fifty percent (50%) or more of the total stops, start time change of more than one (1) hour or a change of fifty percent (50%) or more of the area or loop, he/she shall have the right to follow whichever portion of his/her bid area he/she desires or he/she will have the option to bump a junior driver in accordance with local seniority practices. This procedure shall be repeated a second (2nd) and third (3rd) time with the fourth (4th) move being assigned. It is understood, the above provision does not apply to the months of November and December. In centers where drivers bid on delivery areas, the bid shall contain a geographic description of the area or loop and identify the base line. It is understood that day-to-day adjustments may be made. The above language shall also apply to full-time combination jobs.
Permanent i. This employment spans more than three calendar days within a six (6) month period.
Permanent. Unit Members sharing a full-time position shall share proportionately in salary and benefits of that position based on their percentage of FTE.
Permanent in relation to payment of the OSA, shall mean the employee has been promoted or transferred to an operational shift position on an operational shift roster; and shall also include employees who have joined an operational shift roster for more than 28 days, but have not been promoted or transferred to such position.
Permanent. Permanent staff are engaged on a continuing employment relationship, working ordinary hours of work up to 38 hours per week.
Permanent. For any on-the-job injury/illness with a date of injury/illness on or after January 28, 2003, permanent unit members shall be entitled to a maximum of sixty (60) working days of City paid on-the-job injury/illness leave per injury or illness. Reoccurrences of an injury/illness shall not be considered a new injury/illness and shall not entitle the unit member to a new sixty (60) day free period. The sixty (60) working days for the same injury or illness does not have to be used consecutively. The sixty (60) working day on-the-job injury/illness leave entitlement, commonly referred to as the “free period,” shall not be deducted from the unit member’s accrued sick leave or any other accrued paid leave.