Casual Sample Clauses

Casual a) Casual or extra employees shall be those employees hired for extra or relief work for periods of up to one (1) month. Such employees shall be paid at the rates provided in this Agreement and will be guaranteed not less than four (4) hours work on each day which they are employed.
Casual is an employee hired on a temporary basis to replace a member of the regular or sessional staff.
Casual. Casual employees are hired for casual employment on an “on call” basis for relief work, or to perform a work assignment that is not of a regularly scheduled nature, or to provide temporary coverage for an employee who is absent from work. These employees shall receive payment based on the number of hours of actual work in a pay period. The workweek for the position being filled will be defined in accordance with the applicable provision of article 15.05. Under no circumstances will casuals work more than thirty five (35) hours in a one (1) calendar month period. This limit does not apply in the replacement of temporarily absent workers. Human Resources may request, through the Union, an increase in the work hours, during major events that require the thirty-five (35) hour limitation to be extended.
Casual. If an employee or the employer cannot make a commitment to the definitions in clauses 10.3 and 10.4 of the Award then the employee is casual. It is important to clarify that the position is casual. It is also important to emphasise to the employee that there is no guarantee of ongoing or regular work. When advertising for and employing staff, it should be made clear that the employment is on a casual basis.
Casual. A Casual employee is defined as an employee whose work is not normally scheduled on a predetermined basis but who may be prescheduled or called in on a relief basis only to fill in for illness, vacations, emergencies and other periods of staff shortages once it has been determined that no Part-Time employees normally scheduled on that unit/department have agreed to work the required number of shifts available. Once a Casual employee has been scheduled or called in under these provisions, a Part-Time employee may not displace them. Casual employees who have not been recalled for a six (6) month calendar period will be terminated from employment at CAMH. Casual employees are not entitled to benefits under this Collective Agreement, including but not limited to, no entitlement to pay in lieu for vacation or pay in lieu for benefits. Casual employees are not eligible for Layoff and Recall Rights as per Article 13 of this Agreement.
Casual. (1) Displace the least senior casual employee (working the preferred shift of the senior employee) in any classification for which the employee holds the qualifications.
Casual. In Component I employees who are hired on an hourly basis (i.e., without appointment) for less than forty-nine (49) hours per term, except where mutually agreed otherwise. In Component II, employees who are hired without appointment, as substitutes on a day-to-day basis to cover a teachers absence.
Casual. An employee hired on an as-and-when required basis. The employee will be paid a rate based on the appropriate step on the salary scale which will recognize the employee’s accumulated service since the last date of hire with the Employer in the same or related job. The employee will not be entitled to any benefits provided in this Agreement but will be paid 21.52% of straight time base rate biweekly earnings as defined in Subsection 7.03(g) paid on a biweekly basis in lieu of annual vacation, RWWL, statutory holidays, sick leave and welfare benefits.
Casual. Casual Servers shall be offered work on an as needed basis by call in by seniority and with the understanding that employees who do not indicate their availability at the time of being called will be passed over.
Casual. (a) Casual employment has meaning in given by section 15A of the Act.