A Geographic definition

A Geographic. NPA is associated with a defined geographic area, and all telephone numbers bearing such NPA are associated with services provided within that geographic area. A Non-Geographic NPA, also known as a "Service Access Code" or "SAC Code," is typically associated with a specialized telecommunications service which may be provided across multiple geographic NPA areas; 800, 900, 700, 500 and 888 are examples of Non-Geographic NPAs.

Examples of A Geographic in a sentence

  • A Geographic NPA is associated with a defined geographic area, and all telephone numbers bearing such NPA are associated with services provided within that geographic area.

  • A Geographic Information System (GIS) is used to identify and measure the shortest walking route.

  • Attachment A: Geographic & Water Resource Information for Watersheds ‌Applicants may look up geographic and water resources information required to complete this application on the DNR’s Surface Water Data Viewer (SWDV).

  • A Geographic Region with declared Candidates may select up to two (2) individuals as Nominees for President-elect from among declared Candidates from their Region.

  • A Geographic Region shall be designated as Region “ ” (#) of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

  • A Geographic Area is a designated work area, typically defined as a depot.

  • See Appendix A, Geographic Definitions, for definition of this field if it is applicable to this file.

  • A Geographic Information System (GIS) will be developed at DPE to record all the Primary School locations and data.

  • A Geographic Perspective on the Current Biomass Resource Availability in the United States.

  • A Geographic Region Governor shall be a Society member in Good Standing; have an Address of Record within the Region being represented; have served as a Section or Branch officer, as a member of a Section or Branch committee, or as a member of a Standing Board Committee or Society Committee; and shall not currently be serving or pursuing nomination as a Technical Region Governor.

Related to A Geographic

  • Geographic Territory shall include any territory formally assigned to Employee as well as all territories in which Employee has provided any services, sold any products or otherwise had responsibility at any time during the eighteen (18) month period preceding Employee’s date of separation;

  • Compete means: (i) soliciting or securing deposits from any Person residing in the Relevant Market for any Financial Institution; (ii) soliciting any Person residing in the Relevant Market to become a borrower from any Financial Institution with which such Person has no prior relationship or assisting (other than through the performance of ministerial or clerical duties) any Financial Institution with which such Person has no prior relationship in making loans to any such Person; (iii) inducing or attempting to induce any Person who was a Customer of the Bank on the date of termination of Employee’s employment with the Bank, to change such Customer’s depository, loan and/or other banking relationship from the Bank to another Financial Institution; (iv) acting as a consultant, officer, director, independent contractor, or employee of any Financial Institution that has its main or principal office in the Relevant Market, or, in acting in any such capacity with any other Financial Institution, to maintain an office or be employed at or assigned to or to have any direct involvement in the management, business or operation of any office of such Financial Institution located in the Relevant Market; (v) communicating to any Financial Institution the names or addresses or any financial information concerning any Person who was a Customer of the Bank at the date of Employee’s termination of employment with the Bank; (vi) inducing or attempting to induce any person who is an employee of the Bank or the Company on the date of termination of Employee’s employment with the Bank to terminate such person’s employment with the Bank or the Company; or (vii) holding a position based in or with responsibility for all or part of the Relevant Market, with any Financial Institution, whether as employee, consultant, or otherwise, (A) in which Employee will have duties, or will perform or be expected to perform services for such Financial Institution, that is or are the same as or substantially similar to the position held by Employee or those duties or services actually performed by Employee for the Bank within the twelve (12) month period immediately preceding the termination of Employee’s employment with the Bank, or (B) in which Employee will use or disclose or be reasonably expected to use or disclose any Confidential Information of the Bank or the Company for the purpose of providing, or attempting to provide, such Financial Institution with a competitive advantage in relation to the Bank or the Company.

  • Regions means the six regions of the state as follows:

  • Scope means the extent of the area or subject matter that something deals with or to which it is relevant.

  • Geographic Area means the three digit zip code in which the service, treatment, procedure, drugs or supplies are provided; or a greater area if necessary to obtain a representative cross-section of charge for a like treatment, service, procedure, device drug or supply.

  • the Territory means the world.

  • Competitors means any Person who is not an Affiliate of a Loan Party and who engages (or whose Affiliate engages), as its primary business, in the same or similar business as a material business of the Loan Parties.

  • Region means the Control Areas and Transmission Facilities with respect to which a Party serves as RTO or Reliability Coordinator under NERC policies and procedures.

  • Anti-competitive Practice means any collusion, bid rigging or anti-competitive arrangement, or any other practice coming under the purview of The Competition Act 2002, between two or more bidders, with or without the knowledge of the Purchaser, that may impair the transparency, fairness and the progress of the procurement process or to establish bid prices at artificial, non-competitive levels;

  • Competitive Products shall include any product or service that directly or indirectly competes with, is substantially similar to, or serves as a reasonable substitute for, any product or service in research, development or design, or manufactured, produced, sold or distributed by the Company;

  • Competing Products means any products or processes of any person or organization other than the Company in existence or under development, which are substantially the same, may be substituted for, or applied to substantially the same end use as the products or processes that the Company is developing or has developed or commercialized during the time of the Employee's employment with the Company.

  • restrictive practice means forming a cartel or arriving at any understanding or arrangement among Bidders with the objective of restricting or manipulating a full and fair competition in the Bidding Process.

  • Competing means, directly or ------- --------- indirectly, without the prior written consent of the Company, providing consultive service with or without pay, owning, managing, operating, joining, controlling, participating in, or being connected as a stockholder, partner or otherwise with any business, individual, partner, firm corporation or other entity that (i) is in competition with the Company or any Subsidiary or Related Entity (as defined in Section 6(d) below) to the extent its products are similar or materially related to those of the Company or any Subsidiary or Related Entity (including products under development by the Company, or to Executive's knowledge, by any Subsidiary or Related Entity) or (ii) otherwise engages in any business in which the Company or any Subsidiary or Related Entity is engaged or proposes to engage, in either case as of the date of the termination of Executive's employment; provided that "Compete" and "Competing" shall not mean ------- --------- being a passive owner of not more than 2% of the outstanding stock of any class of a corporation which is publicly traded, so long as Executive has no active participation in the business of such corporation.

  • Competition means the Executive’s engaging without the written consent of the Board of Directors of the Company or a person authorized thereby, in an activity as an officer, a director, an employee, a partner, a more than one percent shareholder or other owner, an agent, a consultant, or in any other individual or representative capacity within ten (10) miles of headquarters or any branch office of the Company or any of its subsidiaries (unless the Executive’s duties, responsibilities and activities, including supervisory activities, for or on behalf of such activity, are not related in any way to such competitive activity) if it involves:

  • Restricted Territories means (i) Cuba, Sudan, Iran, North Korea, Syria and the territory of Crimea/Sevastopol; and (ii) any other country or territory that is subject to sanctions by the United Kingdom, the European Union, the U.S., United Nations or elsewhere.

  • Fields mean for the relief of tension-type headaches (Fiorinal and Fiorinal C) and for the treatment of hypertension and/or prophylaxis of angina pectoris (Visken and Viskazide).

  • Geographical Area means the territories of Hong Kong and includes its territorial waters for the purpose of the transit of the Motor Car by sea (including incidental loading or unloading) by a craft designed for the carriage of motor cars.

  • Restricted use pesticide means any pesticide or device which, when used as directed or in accordance with a widespread and commonly recognized practice, the director determines, subsequent to a hearing, requires additional restrictions for that use to prevent unreasonable adverse effects on the environment including people, lands, beneficial insects, animals, crops, and wildlife, other than pests.

  • Territory means worldwide.

  • Size means the number of cubic feet, or the number of square feet of ground or floor space, within each condominium unit as computed by reference to the condominium subdivision plan and rounded off to a whole number. Certain spaces within the condominium units including, without limitation, attic, basement, and garage space may be omitted from the calculation or partially discounted by the use of a ratio, if the same basis of calculation is employed for all condominium units in the condominium project, that basis is used for each condominium unit in the condominium project, and that basis is disclosed in appropriate condominium documents furnished to each co-owner.

  • Population means the population as ascertained at the last preceding census of which the relevant figures have been published;

  • Licensed Fields of Use means the fields of use identified in Appendix B.

  • Fields of Use means UltraTemp, Ceris or Ceros technology for the transportation or appliance gas ignition markets.

  • invalid carriage means a mechanically propelled vehicle of which the weight unladen does not exceed 254 kilograms and which is specially designed and constructed, and not merely adapted, for the use of a person suffering from some physical default or disability and is used solely by such a person;

  • Restricted Territory means any state, county, or locality in the United States in which the Company conducts business and any other country, city, state, jurisdiction, or territory in which the Company does business.

  • Competitive Product means any surgical product or research to develop information useful in connection with a product or service that is being designed, developed, manufactured, marketed or sold by anyone other than the Company and is of the same general type, performs similar functions, or is used for the same purposes as a Company Product on which the Employee worked, dealt with, or marketed during the preceding two years of employment or about which he received or had knowledge of Confidential Information; provided, however, that the term “surgical product” shall not include non-invasive or percutaneous products; and