Accrued Sick Leave Sample Clauses

Accrued Sick Leave. The Board shall provide all employees with a cumulative record 23 of accrued sick leave hours on each pay statement.
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Accrued Sick Leave. All 100% sick leave shall be used first, followed by the use of all 75% sick leave. The use of sick leave under this subsection is at the employee's discretion.
Accrued Sick Leave. Accrued sick leave shall be earned for the purpose stated herein by each employee at the rate of eight (8) hours for each full calendar month of service, commencing with the date of employment.
Accrued Sick Leave. Accrued sick leave shall be used as a service credit toward the employee’s retirement benefit in accordance with current statute and regulations. Employees may not use accumulated sick leave to qualify for retirement or to become vested in the retirement system.
Accrued Sick Leave. Employees leaving the service of the District will not be paid for any unused accumulated sick leave credit remaining on account. Accrued sick leave will be applied to service credit upon retirement under the PERS contract.
Accrued Sick Leave. Sick leave is earned during actual time worked, during paid sick leave, annual leave, holidays, and paid leaves of absence, and begins accruing from the first day of employment. Sick leave is not earned during unpaid leaves of absence.
Accrued Sick Leave. Days of sick leave the employee earned in previous school years and has not taken, thereby accruing a balance from year to year. Active Service: Time worked and on paid-leave in a bargaining unit position.
Accrued Sick Leave. The total unused portion of the annual sick and emergency leave allowance shall be allowed to accumulate to ninety (90) days.
Accrued Sick Leave. 14-2-3-1 Accrued sick leave is defined as the accumulated balance of any unused temporary and sick leave at the end of each school year. All sick leave must be used prior to the use of accrued sick leave.
Accrued Sick Leave. City employees who are 55 and eligible for retirement are entitled to a payout or transfer to a post-employment health plan of the value of their accrued sick leave. As a further accommodation to existing City employees working at the Overture Center, any employee age 52 or older and working at Overture as a City employee as of June 30, 2012, will be eligible for this payout, subject to any limitations in the applicable post-employment health plans. Any City employees exercising their right to retire prior to July 1, 2012, shall be entitled to the payout or transfer and neither MCAD nor 201 shall be responsible for the costs thereof. 201 agrees that any City employee who accepts employment at 201 and is not entitled to the payout described herein will be given a bank of sick leave time of ten (10) days. 201 may determine how such sick leave is to be taken by its employees.