Production Costs definition

Production Costs means those costs and expenditures incurred in carrying out Production Operations as classified and defined in Section 2 of the Accounting Procedure and allowed to be recovered in terms of Section 3 thereof.
Production Costs. (or “operating costs”) means costs incurred to operate and maintain wells and related equipment and facilities, including applicable operating costs of support equipment and facilities and other costs of operating and maintaining those wells and related equipment and facilities. Lifting costs become part of the cost of oil and gas produced. Examples of production costs are:
Production Costs means the cost of the following:

Examples of Production Costs in a sentence

  • For all Oil and Gas Substances that are physically produced from the leased premises, or lands pooled, unitized or communitized therewith, and sold, lessor shall receive as its royalty % of the sales proceeds actually received by lessee or, if applicable, its affiliate, as a result of the first sale of the affected production to an unaffiliated party, less this same percentage share of all Post Production Costs and this same percentage share of all production, severance and ad valorem taxes.

  • This statement will distinguish between the Exploration Costs, the Development Costs and the Production Costs budgeted for each Quarter and will correspond to the individual entries for Petroleum Operations included in the Annual Work Programme.

  • As used in this provision, Post Production Costs shall mean all costs actually incurred by lessee or its affiliate and all losses of produced volumes whether by use as fuel, line loss, flaring, venting or otherwise from and after the wellhead to the point of sale.

  • If this occurs, the actual costs of such facilities shall be included in the Post Production Costs as a per barrel or per mcf charge, as appropriate, calculated by spreading the construction, maintenance and operating costs for such facilities over the reasonably estimated total production volumes attributable to the well or xxxxx using such facilities.

  • Lessee or its affiliate shall have the right to construct, maintain and operate any facilities providing some or all of the services identified as Post Production Costs.

More Definitions of Production Costs

Production Costs means any costs for tangible personal property used and services performed directly and predominantly (including pre-production and post-production) in the production of a qualified commercial. Production costs generally include most `below the line' (A-K and O-U expenditures), such as costs for technical and crew production, use of commercial production facilities and/or location costs, videotape or digital medium, props, makeup, wardrobe, commercial processing, camera, sound recording, set construction, lighting, shooting, editing and meals. Certain types of costs have been specifically excluded from eligibility to be considered production costs. Production costs shall NOT include (i) costs for a story, script or scenario to be used for a qualified commercial and (ii) wages or salaries or other compensation for writers, directors, including music directors, producers, actors and performers (other than background actors with no scripted lines who are employed by a qualified company, and musicians).
Production Costs means Petroleum Costs incurred in Production Operations;
Production Costs means, for any Computation Period, to the extent not excluded for purposes of calculating Gross Proceeds, whether capital or non-capital in nature,
Production Costs means all the costs and expenditures incurred by the contractor when carrying out production operations, including those defined in the accounting procedure;
Production Costs means, on an accrual accounting method and accruing with respect to the following from and after the Effective Date, and whether capital or non-capital in nature,
Production Costs means “Production Costs” as defined in that certain Assignment, Conveyance and Assumption Agreement of even date herewith from DHL to the Operating Subsidiary and “Production Costs” (or its substantial equivalent) in any other net profits interest agreement in place between the Partnership and the Operating Subsidiary (or the successor to its assets).
Production Costs for a month means, to the extent such costs are allocable to El Paso's working interest in the Subject Xxxxx and have been paid by El Paso or charged by El Paso to such xxxxx during such month under the Cash Method of Accounting, without duplication: