Question Sample Clauses

Question. If the above employee is called back at 3:00 a.m., does he/she receive another call back minimum? Answer: Yes.
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Question. What happens if my unit does not rent? Answer: If there are any days in your week that do not rent, you may remove them from the rental program at anytime prior to the arrival date to utilize yourself, but you must call in advance to notify us so proper arrangements can be made. Question: Am I required to pay taxes on rental proceeds? Answer: Rental proceeds are taxable per the Internal Revenue Service. For U.S. Citizens, gross rental income of $600 or more will be reported to the IRS on Form 1099-MISC. For Non- Resident Aliens, all gross rental income will be reported to the IRS on Form 1042-S. Question: Am I guaranteed rentals? Answer: No, unfortunately we cannot predict the rental demand. We use the power of a national rental program to provide national, regional and local advertising programs to our client resorts to maximize rental inquiries. However, some time periods rent better than others, and some resorts are in higher demand. Therefore, rental results will vary.
Question. On page 54, there is estimated annual amount for shop supplies (Lot 24). Do you want us to use the pre-populated amounts ($70,000) to calculate the 3-year total? Answer – Yes. Lots 24 through 26 are prepopulated to be calculated and added to the Total Estimated Three-Year Bid.
Question. If we are only bidding on Caterpillar, do you want us to leave the other manufactures bid sheets blank or remove them from the bid package altogether? Answer - All the lots that a company is not bidding on shall state “no bid”.
Question this solicitation has an 18-day mowing cycle during the peak season and 24-day cycle during the non-peak cycle. My question is if we are able to mow the areas within 10 calendar days during the peak season would the department allow for the next cycle sooner? During the summer months having to mow a property once a month is extremely labor intensive and trying to make it as cost effective as possible. Answer: No, Cycles will not be sooner, cycles are set at 18 days/24 days.
Question. How do I know my week is up for rent? Answer: If you have sent your rental authorization by email you will receive a reply email confirming your unit is up for rent. For regular mail or fax please call (000) 000-0000. One of our representatives can confirm your documents have been received. We suggest following this process any year you send a rental authorization. Question: When do I receive my rental income? Answer: Funds are distributed within 30-60 days of the last day of rental.
Question. Can the buying contractor add any additional markup/fee onto the items procured under the FAR 51 authority, even if the fee is associated with a legitimate cost like a material handling charge? Answer: No. The items procured under the authority must be passed through to the Federal Government at the MAS contract price less any applicable discount. No markup of any kind is permitted on this portion of the order. Question: Can the buying contractor use GSA e-Buy to satisfy the requirements of FAR 8.405-1? Answer: Not yet. GSA intends to make the necessary modifications to e-Buy to permit use by contractors in the near future. It’s also possible that GSA will mandate e-Buy or other electronic tools; however, at the moment, these tools are not available for contractor use.
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Question. If the buying contractor chooses not to use the FAR 51 authority, what other options are available to satisfy the Federal Government’s overall requirement? Answer: There are other options available. Refer to for more information. For example, if permitted by the order, contractors may use contractor team arrangements (, subcontracts, and open market items in accordance with FAR 8.402(f).
Question. If an employee had been instructed to relieve a Xxxxxxx at Point B, would he/she be entitled to the Xxxxxxx'x rate of pay while travelling to and from Point B? Answer: Unless he/she was voluntarily exercising his/her seniority rights, he/she would be paid under Section 11.1 of the Agreement at his/her regular rate until he/she assumed the duties of Xxxxxxx at Point B and he/she would be paid in accordance with the same clause at Xxxxxxx'x rate when travelling from Point B to resume his/her regular duties.
Question. Should a person who left the service of his own accord be required, upon re-employment, to serve the probationary period as stipulated in the before receiving the minimum rate established by the schedule? Answer: The object of the probationary period is to secure a qualified person for the service. Therefore if the experience of an applicant meets the requirements of this Article he is, if employed, entitled to the minimum schedule rate.
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