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Question. What is done in regards to back pay if any employee is forced out of work waiting for test results? ANSWER: When the company has reasonable suspicion to believe an employee is under the influence of a prohibited substance, for reasons of safety, the employee may be suspended until the test results are available. If no test results are received after three (3) working days, the employee, if available, shall be returned to work with back pay. If the test results prove negative, the employee shall be reinstated with back pay. QUESTION: Who bears the cost of the testing program or the treatment program? ANSWER: The employer bears the costs of all testing procedures QUESTION: What types of appeals process are available to the employee? ANSWER: All aspects of the program are subject to the grievance procedure of the applicable collective bargaining agreement. Addendum “B” BAC Code of Conduct:
Question. Please complete the response boxes below and attach additional, clearly marked documents if required (unlimited word count), detailing the key stages and milestones for implementation and exit. Working Links will manage a specific implementation plan for NOMS NEWDAY delivery, managing any deviation from the critical path without adverse affect to the contract ‘go-live’ date. Implementation Plan WL will use the PRINCE2 project methodology and the OGC Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) Framework to manage the implementation of NOMS NEWDAY. xxx name redacted xxx, Business Change Director will lead this project as Senior Responsible Owner (SRO). xxx name redacted xxx key deliverable is to ensure 100% of services outlined in this tender document are available from the ‘go-live’ date to all participants. The implementation process for this provision will be owned by our Home Affairs Project Board, supported by our Prince-2 qualified Implementation Team, headed by xxx name redacted xxx. Home Affairs Project Board All Home Affairs contracts are managed throughout the implementation process and initial contract delivery by our National Programme Manager for Home Affairs, who will ensure: That our contracts are compliant from the outset; That all contracts are adequately resourced; and That all Working Links team members fully understand the deliverables and specific requirements of each contract. Contract development will be continually assessed by the Project Board, who will subsequently determine when each contract will be handed over to Operations. This specific management structure will not only assure that we meet our internal quality standards, but that we meet the needs, policies and procedures, manage the risks and apply specific quality control mechanisms to the criminal justice arena. For this provision, the indicative involvement for the Project Board is 112 days. However this will be based on the needs and performance of the contract. Realistic Timescales The implementation plan attached as a Gantt chart (Appendix 5) demonstrates what Working Links considers to be realistic timescales for the set-up of the NOMS NEWDAY programme. This includes Working Links Gantt Chart) and subcontractor activity (described under the subcontractor section of the and is based on our experience of tendering, implementing and delivering 160+ contracts over ten years. Please refer to the chart to see the key stages and milestones by delivery area. Our Business Change Board...
Question. Which details the question itself;
Question. Should we provide proof of insurance with our response or does that only need to be provided if we are selected? Answer: Proof of insurance will be requested when award is made and is not required for submit a proposal.
Question. Is an Engineer who is at his home terminal required to accept a call for duty that commences on or after 20:00 on the day preceding their assigned rest day? Answer: No.
Question. What are the current company’s billing rates? Answer: The current billing rates are listed online with the contract and is available for review and can found at tted=1
Question. Who is covered and tested? ANSWER: Anyone performing work for the company will be covered including managers, supervisors, Craftworkers and engineering and clerical personnel. QUESTION: What type of testing is permitted? ANSWER: The following testing is addressed in the Labor User Contractor (LUC) Uniform Drug/Alcohol Programs:  Pre-employmentReasonable suspicion basis  Workplace accident/incident  Follow-up to counseling or rehabilitation  Voluntary basis QUESTION: What is the basis for “Reasonable Cause” testing? ANSWER: The basis for Reasonable Cause in the LUC Program mirrors the definition contained in the Minnesota Drug and Alcohol Testing Act: Reasonable Suspicion- A belief based on specific facts and rational inferences drawn from these facts sufficient to lead someone to suspect that the person is using drugs or alcohol. Such facts shall include excessive tardiness, excessive absenteeism, and erratic behavior such as noticeable imbalance, incoherence, and disorientation. Additionally, workplace accidents and/or injuries are considered to be events permitting suspicion testing under the Minnesota Drug and Alcohol Testing Act and are also grounds for testing under the LUC Program. QUESTION: Are both drugs and alcohol use tested? ANSWER: Under the LUC Program both drugs and alcohol use is tested. QUESTION: What arrangements are made for collection? ANSWER: The LUC Program emphasizes that actions under the program will be handled in a confidential manner, and any results should be disclosed only to those with a “need to know”. When a test is required the specimen will be identified by a code number. Each specimen should be properly labeled and made tamper proof. The donor must witness this procedure. QUESTION: Does an employee have the right to refuse to test? ANSWER: Yes. However, the employee will be subject to discipline, including discharge. QUESTION: What occurs if an employee tests positive? ANSWER: The employee is offered an opportunity to participate in an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for referral to a counseling/rehabilitation treatment program. QUESTION: Does the Substance Abuse Program incorporate an Employee Assistance Program? ANSWER: The LUC Program states that employees who test positive will be offered an opportunity to participate in an EAP Program, if available. An EAP Program should then be able to assess the extent of the problem and refer the employee to the appropriate treatment.
Question. Do you think it exists in your country? 83.9% Yes 635 83.9% No 66 8.7% I do not know 56 7.4% More than 80% of respondents would take on an apprentice. Here are some of the reasons provided: the fact that they were apprentices themselves; that taking an apprentice creates an opportunity to employ a qualified worker tailored to the employer’s company; that apprenticeships transfer knowledge to younger generations and adds to the employer’s staff; that apprentices can help in the work; that apprenticeships are an investment into the future; that quality vocational training is not possible without a sufficient number of hours spent in practice and that young people need help in developing work habits. Some of the employers pointed out that knowledge has no weight if it is not transferred to another and that employers get a sense of pride from providing apprenticeships. The employers gave some of the following statements: “Transferring knowledge makes you better. To teach a young person and make them a good worker – PRICELESS”. Other employers are aware that, unless they themselves get involved in the education process, there may be a lack of qualified young people who will be able to continue and develop the work.
Question. What time does Engineer A go on pay? Answer: For pay purposes only, Engineer A goes on pay at 16:00.