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Same meaning. Unless a contrary indication appears, a term used in any other Finance Document or in any notice given under or in connection with any Finance Document has the same meaning in that Finance Document or notice as in this Agreement.

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  • Fair Meaning The terms of this Agreement shall be given their fair meaning and shall not be construed in favor of or against either party hereto because of authorship. This Agreement shall be deemed to have been drafted by both of the parties.

  • Term Meaning The premises and property This includes any parts of the house or flat, gardens, paths, fences, boundaries or other outbuildings that belong to us and form part of the tenancy. If your home is part of a larger building, the premises include the right to use shared access and other similar facilities. The neighbourhood The area known as East Village. The plot At East Village the design provides for a number of blocks built around a courtyard known as a plot, each made up of five to seven blocks or buildings (save for Vesta House which has only one block). The block or the building If the premises are part of a larger building, such as a flat in a block of flats, this term means the block or building and any of its grounds within the plot or the neighbourhood. The common parts of the neighbourhood The shared areas and facilities within East Village provided for all residents of East Village and their guests to use with others. This includes, but is not limited to, the East Village roads and walkways, hard and soft landscaped areas including water features and games areas, cycle-ways, car parking, motorcycle parking and bicycle parking areas. The common parts of the plot The shared areas and facilities within the plot provided for all residents of the plot and their guests to use with others. This includes, but is not limited to, all walkways, gates, hard and soft landscaped areas outside the buildings, the refuse area, those parts of the car park which are not under any lease or licence to tenants for parking motor vehicles, bicycle storage areas, and the courtyard garden if this applies. The common parts of the block or the building The shared areas and facilities within each block provided for all residents of the block and their guests to use with others or which just serve the block. This includes, but is not limited to, all walkways, corridors, staircases, fire escapes and entrance lobbies, all lifts and all rooms containing equipment and storage areas, but not the common parts of the plot. Landlord, we, us The person or people who own the premises. We have the right to take back the premises at the end of the tenancy. Get Living London Tenant, you, your Get Living London Limited, who will manage the premises and tenancy on our behalf. This includes anyone who is entitled to use the premises under the terms of the tenancy. If this is a joint tenancy, you are all responsible (separately and jointly) for the tenants’ responsibilities. Joint and several liability All of the tenants are individually and jointly responsible for paying rent and for all other tenants’ responsibilities during the tenancy. Guarantor This is someone who agrees to meet your responsibilities under this tenancy agreement if you do not keep to them (for example, paying your rent). The term of the tenancy How long the tenancy lasts as set out in this agreement and shown in clause B4. Deposit The money you give Get Living London in case you fail to keep to any of the terms of this agreement. This money will be held by Get Living London during the tenancy and it will be registered with and protected by The Dispute Service (a deposit scheme approved by the Government).

  • Word Meanings Words such as herein, hereinafter, hereof and hereunder refer to this Agreement as a whole and not merely to a section or paragraph in which such words appear, unless the context otherwise requires. The singular shall include the plural, and each masculine, feminine and neuter reference shall include and refer also to the others, unless the context otherwise requires.

  • Extended Meanings In this Agreement words importing the singular number include the plural and vice versa; words importing the masculine gender include the feminine and neuter genders. The word "person" includes an individual, body corporate, partnership, trustee or trust or unincorporated association, executor, administrator or legal representative.

  • Meaning of “notice”. In this Clause 28, “notice” includes any demand, consent, authorisation, approval, instruction, waiver or other communication.

  • Meanings For the purposes of this Agreement, the terms “vote of a majority of the outstanding voting securities;” “interested persons;” and “assignment” shall have the meaning defined in the 1940 Act or the rules promulgated thereunder; subject, however, to such exemptions as may be granted by the SEC under the 1940 Act or any interpretations of the SEC staff.

  • Alternate meaning of “listing date If the Issuer is an emerging issuer, an alternate meaning for listing date is the date the Issuer completes its IPO if:

  • Meaning References in this contract to permission to use the Routes shall, except where the context otherwise requires, be construed to mean permission:

  • Meaning of Words The meaning of words starting with a capital letter that are used in this Agreement is set out in Schedule 1.

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