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Same meaning. Unless a contrary indication appears, a term used in any other Finance Document or in any notice given under or in connection with any Finance Document has the same meaning in that Finance Document or notice as in this Agreement.

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  • Term Meaning Standard Service Any IET service published within and offered to campus customers via the IT Service Catalog at UR link: Non-standard Service An IET service that does not have established rates/costs and must be agreed-to with customers on case basis. Service Manager The Service Manager is the individual who has overall accountability for managing a service. This - Operational management and support to deliver the benefits of the service - Ensuring services meet the business need and delivered in accordance with agreed business requ Service Owner A member of the IET leadership team who has oversight of IET services Terms and specific meanings used within this document are defined in the table below. Cost Recovery IET require costs are either paid directly by the customer through various methods and mechanisms or they are paid centrally by the campus. In cases where costs must be paid by the customer, established campus rates will be used. Changes to established campus rates will be applied following a 30 day notice per campus policy. IET hourly labor rates are reviewed annually under campus rate guidelines, and may be changed during the course of the year. Customers are notified 30 days ahead of any rate changes. As a cost recovery operation, IET will provide cost estimates but makes no guarantees on providing services at a fixed price or fixed total cost to customers for any long-term agreements. Pursuant to UC policy, IET cannot offer any rates lower than those offered to other campus units. IET Service Assurance IET assures services performance, availability, capacity, and the information security of the service(s) covered in this agreement.

  • Word Meanings Words such as herein, hereinafter, hereof and hereunder refer to this Agreement as a whole and not merely to a section or paragraph in which such words appear, unless the context otherwise requires. The singular shall include the plural, and each masculine, feminine and neuter reference shall include and refer also to the others, unless the context otherwise requires.

  • Extended Meanings In this Agreement words importing the singular number include the plural and vice versa; words importing the masculine gender include the feminine and neuter genders. The word "person" includes an individual, body corporate, partnership, trustee or trust or unincorporated association, executor, administrator or legal representative.

  • Meaning of “notice”. In this Clause 28, “notice” includes any demand, consent, authorisation, approval, instruction, waiver or other communication.

  • Meanings For the purposes of this Agreement, the terms “vote of a majority of the outstanding voting securities;” “interested persons;” and “assignment” shall have the meaning defined in the 1940 Act or the rules promulgated thereunder; subject, however, to such exemptions as may be granted by the SEC under the 1940 Act or any interpretations of the SEC staff.

  • Alternate meaning of “listing date If the Issuer is an emerging issuer, an alternate meaning for listing date is the date the Issuer completes its IPO if:

  • Meaning References in this contract to permission to use the Routes shall, except where the context otherwise requires, be construed to mean permission:

  • Meaning of Words The meaning of words starting with a capital letter that are used in this Agreement is set out in Schedule 1.