Home Study Sample Clauses

Home Study. Small World agrees to provide an adoption home study assessment and post placement supervision and/or post adoption reporting as outlined in the information packet and in full accordance with the laws of the state or country in which family resides provided that it is a state or country in which Small World is licensed or permitted to perform such services or has contractual agreements with licensed home study providers, in accordance with licensing regulations, USCIS and or Small World’s policy and procedure manual. If Small World conducts the home study assessment, 2 signed, notarized originals will be sent to family at the address they provide. One is for family’s submission to USCIS with their application to adopt a child from a foreign country and bring that child to the USA as a US citizen, and one is for family’s personal file. Additional signed, notarized originals of the home study assessment may be purchased from Small World at a nominal fee as listed on the Fee schedule current at the time requested. During the course of the home study, it is required that the family have proof of no negative reports on child abuse registries from any country or state/ province where family has lived since their 18th birthday in Hague Adoptions and for the previous 5 years in non-Hague adoptions. Family will be responsible to pay the government fees and costs associated with such child abuse clearances. Family acknowledges that they have been made aware states, provinces, and countries charge vastly different amounts for the clearance reports required and it is their responsibility to provide Small World with the required documentation to process their adoption home study, dossier and all documents required by adoption authorities to process their adoption. Contacts during the adoption journey Small World will not routinely contact family until we receive some information pertinent to your adoption process. Contact may be sporadic due to the nature of the adoption process. However, we request that family contact our office if concerns develop to determine the status of your process. Small World considers family as a partner in our mission to rescue orphans and make them orphans no more. Adoption Services Fee Structure Family agrees to pay Small World for adoption services in accordance with Small World’s fee payment schedule and published fees as of the date of this contract which is in the Fee and Payment Schedule. Family understands that when their file is clo...
Home Study. 3.5.1 Parent(s) must promptly comply with all document requests and site visits by Parent(s)’ home study preparer. Further, if an additional evaluation or counseling is recommended, Parent(s) must comply with the home study preparer’s request. All Indiana residents must use MLJ Adoptions to complete their home study, as described in section 1.4.
Home Study. An employee may elect to utilize all or part of the 48 hours for home study. The home study course must meet the following and all other criteria established for paid Education Leave.
Home Study. 5.1 Conducting the Home Study
Home Study. A home study is an educational and investigative process for determining whether the Client meets applicable minimum standards for adoption and is otherwise suitable to parent an adopted child. The home study process will begin after CAS has approved the Client’s Application for Services, after the Client has paid the required fee, and prior to placement of any child with the Client for the purpose of adoption. In addition to the terms contained here, the Client and CAS will enter into a Home study Agreement. To the extent there is a conflict between the terms of this Agreement and the Home study Agreement, the terms of the Home study Agreement will control.
Home Study a. All obligations of AGENCY set forth herein are conditioned upon the Adoptive Parent(s)’receipt of an approved home study report that is in compliance with all applicable foreign, federal and state statutes and rules, and the statutes and rules of the country from which the Adoptive Parent(s) seek to adopt. Agency cannot guarantee that the prospective adoptive parents will receive an approved home study.
Home Study. 6.1 Definition—A home study is an educational and investigative process for determining whether AP meets applicable minimum legal standards for adoptive homes. The home study process will begin after AGCI has approved AP’s Application for Adoption, after AP has paid the required fee, and prior to placement of any child with AP for the purpose of adoption. The home study will be conducted by AGCI or by a cooperating agency, as circumstances dictate, and may or may not result in a written report.
Home Study. 1.2.1 A home study is an investigative and educational assessment for the purposes of determining Parent(s) suitability to provide a permanent home for a child from the sending country. MLJ Adoptions shall ensure that all home studies conducted by MLJ Adoptions are tailored to the particular situation of the Parent(s) and specific country from which Parent(s) intend to adopt.
Home Study. An eligible employee may elect to utilize CET on a day he/she is not normally scheduled to work for the purpose of home study. The home study course must meet the same criteria as outlined for non-home study CET. Proof of completion must be submitted in order to receive CET Pay.