REDUCTION IN PERSONNEL. A. The Board expressly retains the authority to effectuate a reduction in personnel whenever the Board shall, in its sole discretion, determine such a reduction to be necessary or advisable, and for whatever reasons the Board shall, in its sole discretion, determine to have made such action necessary or advisable.
REDUCTION IN PERSONNEL. 11.01 In the event that the Board determines that the number of positions must be reduced, written notice shall be provided to LCTA. For the purpose of this article, the nonrenewal of an annual contract employee at the end of his/her contract shall not be deemed a reduction in personnel. The following procedures shall control the process.
REDUCTION IN PERSONNEL. 1. No employee shall be laid off pursuant to a necessary reduction in personnel unless there is substantial decrease in the students enrolled in the school district, there is substantial decrease in the revenues of the school district or there are other substantial budgetary considerations which shall have detrimental effect on the district. The decision as to the existence of cause for necessary reduction in personnel shall be subject to the grievance procedure.
REDUCTION IN PERSONNEL. A. In the event a certificated administrator returns to the teacher bargaining unit, he/she shall receive seniority credit for pay for all of their years of professional employment in the District, including those as an administrator. Compensation for such individuals shall be based on the appropriate step of the current teacher salary schedule.
REDUCTION IN PERSONNEL. Paragraph A… “teachers shall be laid off on the basis of seniority, provided that a more senior teacher may be laid off while a less senior teacher is employed, if the more senior teacher is not certified and qualified for the position to which the less senior teacher is assigned. Further,” Paragraph B… “that order or recall shall be based upon seniority” and “tenured teachers shall have preference over probationary teachers.”
REDUCTION IN PERSONNEL. A. If the Board desires to reduce the number of PSMs, the following procedures shall be used:
REDUCTION IN PERSONNEL. A. The Personnel Department shall notify the Association president or designee of anyone who is being placed in lay-off from the bargaining unit before presenting the lay-offs to the School Board.
REDUCTION IN PERSONNEL. A. In the event the Employer decides to reduce the number of employees or eliminate positions, the following procedure shall apply:
REDUCTION IN PERSONNEL. 1. Should the reduction in personnel become necessary when two (2) or more teachers at the same endorsement and licensure level are involved, the Board of Education will follow the following plan in the determination of the non-renewal of contracts.
REDUCTION IN PERSONNEL. A. If workforce reduction is needed the School Board must retain employees at a school or in the school district based upon educational program needs and the performance evaluations of employees within the affected program areas. Within the program areas requiring reduction, employees who have the lowest average evaluation scores over the most recent three (3) year period shall be the first to be released before teachers with higher average evaluation scores; provided that the average evaluation score for employees with less than three (3) years of experience shall be calculated based upon the employees period of service, even though it is less than three years.