Notice to Terminate Sample Clauses

Notice to Terminate. If any notice to terminate is given after service of any Request for Arbitration in respect of any Dispute, the Delegate must promptly give notice to the LCIA Court and to any Tribunal (each as defined in the Rules) already appointed in relation to the Dispute that such Dispute will be settled by the courts. Upon receipt of such notice by the LCIA Court, the arbitration and any appointment of any arbitrator in relation to such Dispute will immediately terminate. Any such arbitrator will be deemed to be functus officio. The termination is without prejudice to:
Notice to Terminate. At the expiration of the original term of this lease and a continued mutually agreed month-to-month tenancy of Lessee, the tenancy agreement must be terminated by written notice delivered to the Lessor, or Lessor’s agent, thirty (30) days or more before the next rent paying period. Lessee shall vacatethe leasehold premises on or before the last day of the month. Lessee agrees to pay rent and utilities for the entire last month of tenancy. A written thirty (30) day notice to vacate received by Lessor, or Lessor’s agent less than (30) thirty days prior to the first day of the next rental period is not valid and Lessee is obligated for the next month’s full rent and utilities. Lessee shall not vacate or abandon the premises at any time during the lease term; and if Lessee does abandon, vacate, or surrender said premises, or be dispossessed by process of law, or otherwise, any personal property belonging to Lessee and left on the premises shall be deemed to be abandoned, at the option of the Lessor. Lessee is responsible for all advertising costs to re-rent leasehold premises and for all costs to re-rent said leasehold. Lessee is responsible for all rents and all utilities until such re- rent.
Notice to Terminate. Notify Seller in writing that this Contract is terminated; or 400 9.2.2. Current Survey Objection. Deliver to Seller a written description of any matter that was to be shown or is 401 shown in the Current Survey that is unsatisfactory and that Buyer requires Seller to correct.
Notice to Terminate. The Term of this tenancy shall be periodic provided that the Landlord may only terminate this tenancy pursuant to clause 2.1 of this agreement. Tenant must give 21 days’ notice. Notices must be in writing.
Notice to Terminate tenancy (NB: This does not apply to fixed-term tenancies. Notice requirements for fixed-term tenancies are contained in the main body of this agreement.) In all cases, the tenant must give the landlord 21 daysnotice in writing. The landlord may give 42 days’ notice in writing – and must state the reason for termination if: › the landlord has an unconditional agreement to sell the premises with vacant possession; or › the premises are required as the principal place of residence for the owner or any member of that owner’s family; or › the premises are required for an employee of the landlord and this has been agreed at the start of the tenancy. In other cases, the landlord must give 90 days’ notice in writing.
Notice to Terminate. If, at any time, the City deems the Bike Skills Park a blight and/or not up to City standards for a park area, or if it deems BHMBA to be in default under this agreement, the City will provide BHMBA with notice of the defect/default and give BHMBA thirty (30) days to comply with the terms of this agreement or correct the defect. If the defect/default is not corrected within 30 days, the City may terminate this agreement, dismantle, take out, or shut down the Bike Skills Park, and/or exercise any rights it has under the law. In the event that the City determines the Bike Skills Park is to be removed and relocated from Founders Park, then the City agrees that the Bike Skills Park shall not be relocated to any other site following its removal without a joint agreement by BHMBA and City as to the new location.
Notice to Terminate. If at the end of a period of one year commencing on the date of the damage or de- struction the Premises (or the Adjoining Conduits, the Accessway or the Car Park (to the extent that the same may have been destroyed or damaged at the same time as the Premises)) have not been rebuilt or reinstated so that the Premises are fit for the Tenant's occupation and use, either the Landlord or the Tenant may by notice served at any time within three months of the end of that period ('a notice to ter- minate following failure to reinstate') implement the provisions of clause 5.5.5. 27865-1 lease to squash club v2 5.7.1627865-1 lease to squash club v2 5 7 16.doc01257021.doc.27865-1 23 lease to Kirkbymoorside Squash Club v1 27.2.15v2 5.7.16.doc