Local unit definition

Local unit means a county, city, village, or township.
Local unit means any county, municipality, special district, or any public body corporate and politic created or established under any law of this State by or on behalf of any one or more counties or municipalities, or any board, commission, department, or agency of any of the foregoing having custody of funds, but shall not include a school district.
Local unit means a county, city, village, township, school district, authority, or any other political subdivision organized under the laws of this state.

Examples of Local unit in a sentence

  • Local unit of government" means a district, authority, county, city, village, township, board, school district, intermediate school district, or community college district.

  • Local units have been positioned on the line by the intensity of vendor-relationship, in which Local unit 1 is at the highest level, and Local unit 2 the lowest, since the least of operations are outsourced at all.

  • Local unit in this chapter means production unit, that is in one geographical location.

  • Joint Insurance Fund Commissioners - Local unit representatives chosen to represent those units in the fund, as provided in P.L. 1983, c.372.

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Local unit means a city, township, or village.
Local unit means a county, municipality, board of education or
Local unit means any county or municipality, or any agency or
Local unit means a county or municipality.
Local unit means the county, or any municipality,
Local unit means a county, city, village, township, authority created pursuant to state law or municipal charter, special assessment district, municipal board or commission established under state law or municipal charter, or intergovernmental board, commission, or council established pursuant to the urban cooperation act of 1967, Act No. 7 of the Public Acts of the Extra Session of 1967, being sections 124.501 to
Local unit means any of the following: