Definition of Policy Committee

Policy Committee means a committee of a metropolitan planning organization responsible for giving direction to the transportation planning process and providing support for program imple- mentation.

Examples of Policy Committee in a sentence

The Committee shall submit any such amendments to MFS' Policy Committee for approval and the MFS Internal Compliance Controls Committee for ratification.
Violations or other exceptions to this policy including the preclearance and trading window requirements are reviewed by the Designated Persons Personal Trading Policy Committee.
The Board of Directors has established a Disclosure Policy Committee responsible for all regulatory disclosure requirements and overseeing the Company's disclosure practices.
The composition of the members and the duties of such committee shall be as set forth in the Public Policy Committee Charter.
Any action with respect to the Plan taken by the Administrative Committee, the Investment Committee, the Compensation Policy Committee, the Board of Directors, the Firm or any action authorized by or taken at the direction of any of them, shall be final, binding and conclusive upon all Participants (and any other persons).