Laundry Sample Clauses

Laundry. Uniforms provided by the Employer to employees will be laundered by the Employer.
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Laundry. (a) Laundry charges must be supported by receipts and may only be claimed where the employee is travelling on government business and overnight away-from-home accommodation is involved for a period in excess of four (4) consecutive nights;
Laundry. Where laundry machines are provided, Tenant agrees to properly use laundry machines. In multi-family housing, use is restricted to the hours between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. No personal machines are permitted without prior written Landlord approval. Landlord will not be responsible for damage to personal property due to laundry machine failure or Tenant's failure to read instructions.
Laundry. There is a Licencees Laundry room on site. Tokens for the washing machines and dryers are available for purchase at reception. INTERNET: Wireless internet connection is available; please contact Reception for details. KEY: Each Licencee will be issued with a Security Key Card for access to his or her accommodation unit and a key to their individual bedroom door. LINEN: Licencees provide their own bed linen. If required, Quilts/Duvets can also be provided, with a fee of €20 per duvet payable at the end of the academic year to cover the cost of dry-cleaning. There will also be a €10 charge for cleaning each pillow used by a Licencee. Mattress protectors are provided on arrival. A charge is deductible from the Security Deposit at the end of the year - €15 for Deluxe Room / €11 for Standard Room. Please do not bring your own mattress protector as you will be charged regardless. This charge is non-refundable. At the end of the Licence Agreement, being the 20 May 2022, it is imperative that you remove the mattress protector from the bed on departure and dispose of as you see fit. PAGE FOUR (Ensure to sign all pages) LICENCEE’S CONTENTS: Each Licencee is responsible for his/her own contents. Each Licencee should insure their own contents. The Licencor is not responsible for any damage to the Licencee’s contents no matter how the damage occurs. Any contents remaining on the Premises after the academic year has ended, being the 20th of May 2022 will be disposed of by the Licencor at the cost of the Licencee which costs may be deducted from the Security Deposit. ROOM MOVE REQUEST: Any Licencee requesting a room change after they have taken up residence on the 30th August 2021 will be charged an admin fee of €50. Management cannot guarantee the provision of a room move request due to availability. Your booking is for a place at DeansHall Crosses Green and DeansHall gives no guarantee on room type, location within DeansHall, or the profile of fellow guests. DeansHall’s decision on room allocation is final. LATE FEE CHARGE: Please note there will be a late fee charge for any rent payments that are not received on the due datesno exceptions will be made. The weekly additional fee is €30.00 per week. A ny letters required to be posted to a student or guardian/ guarantor will be charged a €30.00 fee per letter.
Laundry. 2.1 An owner or resident of a section shall not, without the prior written consent of the trustees, erect his own washing lines or modify existing washing lines, nor place or hang any washing or laundry or any other items on any part of the buildings or the common property where it is visible from the outside of the buildings or from any other section.
Laundry. For employees required to work away for continuous periods greater than seven days and are working six out of the seven days without return travel home, laundry services will be arranged or provided for the work team.
Laundry. Residential facilities are equipped with washers and dryers. Each resident automatically receives 30 loads (1 wash + 1 dry = 1 load) of laundry at the beginning of the fall and spring semester on his/her ODU Identification card. Unused loads carry over from fall to spring to summer semesters, but do expire on July 31. Additional laundry loads may be purchased with Monarch Plus through the Card Center (, or students may pay for loads with coins. The University is not liable for any damage or loss caused by the washers or dryers.
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Laundry. A. The Company will assume the uniform launder­ ing service expense of five (5 ) uniforms and two (2 ) caps per full-time employee per week, and one (1 ) uniform per eight (8 ) hours of work, but not morr than one (1 ) uniform per shift (day), nor more than five (5 ) uniforms or two (2 ) caps per week for part time employees. Where satisfactory laundering service is unobtainable in the Company's opinion, a laundry allowance of $21 per month for full-time employees and 97<t per 8-hour day for part-time employees will apply in lieu of the laundering service expense.
Laundry. Laundry machines, if any, provided by Owner, shall be used by Tenant in the manner and at the times that Owner may designate. Tenant shall not dry or air clothes on the roof or any other public area, or on the terrace or balcony, if any. Tenant may use laundry machines, if any, at their own risk.
Laundry. Tenant shall not hang laundry on the Boat or anywhere in or around the Marina.
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