Your Booking Sample Clauses

Your Booking. 2.1 When the Hirer makes a rental booking, the Owner will endeavour to provide a vehicle of the vehicle class requested together with any additional equipment, subject to availability.
Your Booking. This Agreement will become effective once the following steps have been fulf illed: a) you have completed and signed the Terms & Condition Form and or returned it with a non-refundable deposit of 30% of the total cost of your travel arrangements (unless under 100 days f rom date of travel, where 100% payment will be required) and b) Traveljar ’s conf irmation receipt has been sent to you. When you make a booking you guarantee that you have the authority to accept on behalf of all members of your party the terms of this agreement. You must check Traveljar ’s conf irmation carefully and raise any queries with us immediately upon receipt. Your contract with Traveljar is governed by South Af rica law. A booking is only conf irmed once the supplier(s) has received the deposit(s).
Your Booking. NumberAttendee typeCost (per person)TOTAL Standard(295.00 (excl GST)( TOTAL NUMBER OF ATTENDEESTOTAL COST)
Your Booking. When you receive your booking confirmation, please contact us as soon as possible if any of the details contained in it are incorrect.Please note that you are not allowed to re-sell our holidays or act as an authorised agent. The booking officer MUST be present on this holiday.
Your Booking. That a booking is not confirmed until a completed hire agreement form has been received and agreed, and that the hire cost has been paid in full. The PCC reserves the right to cancel the booking if: exceptional, unforeseen circumstances arise; there is any breach of these conditions; or there is misstatement or material omission in connection with the hire agreement form, particularly relating to the purpose of hire. If the Hirer wishes to cancel the booking and the PCC is unable to arrange a replacement booking, the PCC may, at its absolute discretion, refund the fees but shall be under no obligation to do so. In the event of the PCC cancelling the booking all fees paid by the Hirer shall be refunded. That the premises may be inspected to assess suitability for the purpose for which they are hired. That in the event of an important and previously unplanned service such as a funeral taking place in the church, it may be necessary for the activity to be relocated or cancelled. If cancelled the hire charge would be refunded in full. That no tenancy is intended to be created between the PCC and the Hirer and no relationship of landlord and tenant exists between them.
Your Booking. 3.1. Your Event booking is not secured and no agreement shall come into existence between you and us until: (i) you return to us a signed copy of the Booking Form; (ii) you (if applicable) make any advance payment of the Provisional Charges required in the Booking Form; and (iii) the Booking Form is countersigned by us. Please note, the signed copy of the Booking Form, together with any advance payment of the Provisional Charges required, must be received within the timeframe indicated in the Booking Form (faxes and post which have been sent by you but which are not actually received by us shall be deemed not to have been “received”). Where the same are not received in the said timeframe, we shall be entitled not to make your Event booking and/or to increase the Provisional Charges in any future Booking Form issued by us (irrespective that such future Booking Form may be for the same proposed Event).
Your Booking. Bookings are subject to these Terms and Conditions. Variation to the Terms and Conditions may be made from time to time and will be posted on our website. Please be assured that Amanda’s Ark will treat your personal information confidentially and will not pass on your details to any third parties other than any Amanda’s Ark Carers. Information given in the initial registration form will be used for all subsequent bookings unless we are notified that there has been a change in your contact details/address/pet’s condition or requirements. Your Dog: All dogs must undertake a trial stay at Amanda's Ark prior to any boarding. This may be waivered in special circumstances (due to extreme distances or an emergency/short notice stay). Please provide all items necessary for your dog to be adequately cared for in your absence: • Collar (name tag) (please note that the Control of Dogs Order (1992) states that “All dogs must wear a collar and an identity tag in a public place & the identity tag must show the name and address of the owner”.) Amanda’s Ark will attach a named collar and/or Amanda’s Ark dog tag for the duration of your dog’s stay. • Lead, bedding, food and any treats, medication. • Vaccination booklet. Please note that your dog must be microchipped & the microchip number supplied to Amanda’s Ark. Should your dog require any additional supplies whilst in the care of Amanda’s Ark, these will be purchased and added to the bill. Amanda’s Ark request that Owners bring their own grooming equipment for their dog’s use only. Please ensure that all dog-bedding, blankets and toys being left for your dog’s home boarding stay are dry, washed and/or disinfected and parasite free. Amanda’s Ark will dispose of items deemed a risk to health & hygiene. Amanda’s Ark also has a supply of bedding materials & will gladly adapt them as necessary, for old, young or infirm dogs in order to help regulate their body temperature. Should your dog destroy/chew their bedding then it will be replaced with an alternative. All bedding is changed, cleaned and disinfected between dogs. Please ensure all toys are in good condition and safe for all sizes of dogs. Any items that may pose a risk will be stored away until your return. Your dog must not be known to chew, scratch or destroy furniture or house fittings under normal circumstances. Please note that since all dogs boarding at Amanda’s Ark are assessed meticulously in terms of behaviour, socialisation, and temperament; it generally fo...
Your Booking a. Properties are available for certain periods during the Season. The availability periods for each Property are available from the Agency upon request. Most availability periods are listed on our Website and on our Particulars. The availability periods are subject to change at short notice entirely at the Owner’s or the Agency’s discretion.
Your Booking. 3.1 All bookings are provisional until we have confirmed it with you. The booking will be confirmed only when the Contract is signed by you and the deposit received by us (see clause 4.1).
Your Booking. 2.1 The Client must be at least 21 years of age when they book the Venue, Accommodation and/or Services.